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Latest in mobile manners

The truth: We text because we’re lazy!

By Adam Bunker -

The truth is revealed - we text because we can't be bothered to talk...

Relatives & the local takeaway crash the celeb chat wishlist

If you could call anyone who would it be? We discover if you'd rather talk to Cheryl Cole, Henry VIII...or your Gran

    It’s official! Don’t phone the British in the morning!

    If you dislike talking in the morning you are not alone. Our Mobile Manners survey reveals that we much prefer talking on the phone after midday...

      Mothers come in second to lovers

      Our Mobile Manners survey reveals we speak to our partners most often, even if we see them everyday!

        BREAKING NEWS: You hear it first on the phone!

        How many people propose on their mobile? Find out in our Mobile Manners survey

          The British are a nation of phone number-hoarders

          In the second instalment from our exclusive survey: More than 8 out of 10 of us have stored numbers we've never called - who are yours?

            Answering the call of nature

            Read the first of our discoveries from our Mobile Manners survey 2012. Did you know 62% of men have answered the phone on the toilet?