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My time with the Nokia Lumia 925: The inside view from the Vodafone eForum Community Experts

By Adam Bunker -

Having had a 4G-ready Nokia Lumia 925 in their pockets for several weeks now, what do our Vodafone eForum Community Experts think of Nokia's flagship phone?

The future of Lumia: Nokia’s head of product design tells all

The Nokia Lumia 925 is Nokia's current flagship, but what's coming next from the Finnish giant? We've had a one-on-one to find out...

    Running the Lumia gauntlet: The secret tests behind indestructible Nokia phones…

    How do you go about designing a phone like Nokia Lumia 925? The answer, as we've been finding out, is to test absolutely everything to destruction...

      Nokia Lumia 925: First impressions from the Vodafone eForum’s Community Experts…

      We've invited our most prolific eForum Community Experts to Vodafone HQ to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 925. What do they think of it? Find out here.

        Nokia Lumia 925 now available at Vodafone UK: Everything you need to know

        The Nokia Lumia 925 is ready and waiting for your order. Need a bit more info? No worries: we've got it all here, in one place.

          Pre-order the 32GB Nokia Lumia 925 exclusively at Vodafone UK

          The Nokia Lumia 925 is almost here! The Windows Phone wonder is the talk of the tech town, and now you can pre-order yours from Vodafone UK.

            Nokia Lumia 925 video: Hands-on with the Windows Phone 8 wonder

            Need more Nokia lumia 925 in your life? We don't blame you. Join us here for a hands-on video look at its best new features...

              Nokia Lumia 925 pictures and opinions: Get to know the next Lumia

              We get up close and personal with the brand new Nokia Lumia 925, and find out what the web's tech press have to say about Nokia's new flagship.

                Nokia Lumia 925 coming to Vodafone UK!

                The Nokia Lumia 925 is here. It's the new flagship in the Lumia range, bringing together a boat load of brilliant new features. Read on to find out more.