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Latest in Huawei

Big battery phones 2019: This year’s longest lasting smartphones

By Jamie Stevenson -

Looking for a phone that’ll last all day, even when you’ve been putting it through its paces? Check out these devices with the battery power to take you to bed time and beyond…

Device download Spring 2019: New flagship phones available at Vodafone UK

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to clear out the old and make room for the new. And that includes your mobile phone...

Get ‘more of everything for less’ with the new Huawei P Smart!

Good news, phone fans: the all new Huawei P smart is available now at Vodafone UK until 28 February 2018!

“Dual cameras are here to stay”: Huawei talks P10 and P10 Plus

Huawei’s Rhys Saunders takes us behind the scenes with the brand-new Huawei P10 and P10 plus - now available from Vodafone UK...

Introducing the Huawei P10, now available in green!

The Huawei P10 is now available in green exclusively from Vodafone UK until the end of June. Find out more about the P10 and P10 Plus and get your hands on one of the hottest new phones of 2017...

Huawei P9: Revolutionary camera tech and Android 6.0 at a desirable price

We talk to Huawei's Rhys Saunders about the Huawei P9's revolutionary new camera tech, and why this phone is a threat to the likes of Samsung and Apple.

Huawei talks Nexus 6P: The big screened beauty

The Huawei Nexus 6P is available to order from Vodafone UK right now, but why should you grab one? We've been getting the lowdown from Huawei...

    Huawei Ascend Mate now available at Vodafone: The future of phone screens revealed…

    After more screen estate? We've been talking to Hauwei about the 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate, and the future of phone display sizes. What's coming next?

      Huawei Ascend P1 – available now from Vodafone

      The power-packed Huawei Ascend P1 comes to Vodafone on a Pay Monthly price plan.