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Tech Trivia: What is 5G, and when will we get it?

By Ally Koehler -

Faster and more reliable, 5G is on its way to Vodafone UK to transform our mobile world. But what exactly is 5G, and what will it enable? It’s time to demystify the data…

The future is exciting. Ready?: Discover a new outlook at Vodafone UK!

What will the future hold? It’s the question that fuels sci-fi novels, inspires scientists and stumps stargazers, and it’s really got us thinking here at Vodafone UK. That’s why we’ve engaged a group of futurologists to map what’s around the corner. Find out how your world could change over the next 20 years…

Sharper screens and bendy glass: The secrets of 2015’s phone screens

What will phones look like in 2015? According to Vodafone's resident futurologist, we're in for phones with hi-res displays that bend in the middle...

    Design your own phone: The future of modular smartphones revealed

    How would you like to be able to swap your phone's camera out for a better one at a moment's notice? Or replace its processor with a faster one on the fly? That's the future of modular phones.

      Working on the go: Will your smartphone ever be your PC?

      Smartphones can do more now than ever before, but can your phone also be your computer? We've been speaking to Vodafone's resident futurologist to find out.

        Watches, cameras and the real ‘retina’ display: The future of wearable tech…

        Wearable tech is the next big thing, but where is it headed? We've been talking to Vodafone's resident futurologist to find out.