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Samsung Galaxy S history: Android’s superstar through the years

By Jamie Stevenson -

We’ve had nine years of Samsung Galaxy S phones, and the amazing Android devices have changed a lot since their introduction in 2010. Come with us as we dive into the history of Samsung’s flagship smartphone…

Device download: All the new flagship phones available at Vodafone UK

On the hunt for a new flagship phone? Check out all the new devices that have made their way onto the Vodafone UK shelves over the past few weeks...

Tech trivia: Samsung DeX, Microsoft Continuum and using your phone as a PC

Is there nothing the humble smartphone can’t do? We explore the latest tech and its aim to transform your phone into an (almost) full-blown PC…

Win £359 worth of prizes with the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205

An Amazon Kindle, Nintendo 3DS and Samsung SH100 digital camera are all up for grabs when you buy a Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205.