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Latest in Accessibility

Vodafone and Mencap join forces on ground-breaking Connected Living project

By Emily Freedman -

Innovative IoT technology is supporting those with learning disabilities living in assisted housing. Here’s how it works…

Accessible apps making mobile use easier for those with disabilities

At Vodafone, we don’t want to leave anyone behind when it comes to enjoying all that mobile and apps can offer, so we've rounded up some of the most useful tools and tips to assist people with disabilities. Here's our one-stop guide.

Always Accessible: Introducing online video sign language support for Vodafone…

We're on a mission to make everything at Vodafone as accessible as possible. The latest news? A top new service for our deaf and hard of hearing customers.

    Always Accessible: Vodafone YouTube help videos go fully subtitled

    We think our Vodafone help videos are a great way to learn more about our latest phones, which is why we want even more people to be able to enjoy them...