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John Boyega answers the DreamLab call to #SleepLikeAHero

Vodafone Foundation UK registered charity number 1089625

The latest hero to answer our call is Star Wars actor John Boyega. John’s joined tens of thousands of ordinary people around the UK doing extraordinary things. They have all downloaded DreamLab, the free app from the Vodafone Foundation, that uses the processing power of your smartphone to help the fight against cancer while you sleep.


DreamLab runs on Android and iOS and is free to download. Each time you plug your phone in to charge, and are connected to the internet, it will start to crunch the vital research data needed to help in the fight against cancer. iOS users will need to press Power DreamLab.


In the UK, someone is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes. That’s why it’s vital that as many people as possible join in the fight. Charge your phone overnight and, while you #SleepLikeAHero, DreamLab taps into the unused processing power of your smartphone to support vital cancer research.

Fight Cancer.

When you run DreamLab your smartphone will join a virtual supercomputer, capable of processing billions of calculations and so helping speed up vital research. To give you an example, one PC running 24-hours a day would need 300 years to process the data required. However, 100,000 smartphones running DreamLab for six hours a night could do the job in three months.

For more information on DreamLab, Terms & Conditions and FAQs, please visit: VodafoneUK