Everyone is welcome at Vodafone Social. We’re as open as we can be within our articles, and when responding in the comments section, and we hope you will be too.

We don’t want to stop anyone having their say, but we also want to create a place where everyone can feel their voice is being heard, and enjoy the thrust and parry of good-natured debate. Our rule of thumb is that if we’re being open, polite and respectful, you should be too.

With that in mind, there are a few things commenters should be aware of when posting to Vodafone Social.

Support and customer service

As much as we’d love to help with any problems you might have, the Vodafone Social team don’t work on the customer service or support teams. However, we are closely linked with the Social Operations team who are specifically trained with customer queries in mind, so don’t be surprised if you make a comment relating to support or customer service and it doesn’t show up. We’ll divert those queries to the relevant people inside Vodafone so you get a helpful response, but it’s much quicker if you head there yourself or connect with us on Twitter with those sorts of questions.

Off-topic posts
We want, and actively encourage, lively debate on Vodafone Social. However, comments should be relevant to the topic in hand and to keep things focussed or tidy, anything that veers from the topic in question, or simply isn’t appropriate, will find its way to the trash.

Misuse and offensive behaviour
Vodafone Social is a place where we discuss the latest in mobile technology and we hope that all our commenters will use a little common decency when posting. With this in mind, we won’t tolerate swearing or abusive language of any sort. If at any time you feel threatened by another commenter, it’s important for you to report this to us as soon as possible by flagging the comment in question.

Personal details
Do not post any personal information on Vodafone Social including, without limitation, mobile phone account information or email addresses. We won’t delete any comments with this information, but we may edit your contact details out. As outlined in our terms and conditions, you are responsible for everything you post.

Sharing relevant information is important to us here at Vodafone Social, but we ask that any external links are directly relevant to what’s being discussed and don’t go against any of our commenting policies. We think it’s only fair to delete any spam, or irrelevant links and hope you’ll help out by not posting them in the first place!

Foreign languages
Vodafone Social is a UK specific site and as such can only accept posts in English.

Everything else
As with everything in life, things change. Vodafone Social isn’t set in stone, and we’re staying flexible and open to change. If you think there is a better way we can handle these things please let us know. Our Terms and Conditions also apply to everything on the site, and posted within your comments.