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Tech trivia: The future of flexible displays and foldable phones in 2019

By Adam Bunker -

Phone manufacturers are bending over backwards to deliver the flexible displays of the future. Stay ahead of the curve with everything you need to know in this edition of Tech Trivia…

Meet the IoT-powered V-Multi Tracker, V-Pet Tracker, and V-Bag Tracker!

Are you ready for the Internet of Things? We are! And we've got some new connected devices that'll keep your belongings safer than ever before...

CES 2019: The weirdest and best tech from this year's show

If it's weird and wonderful tech you're after, you can always rely on CES – the biggest annual tech trade show of the year – which takes place in Las Vegas every January.

Tech Trivia: Where should the selfie camera go after the ‘notch’?

How can the front-facing photo phenomenon possibly get any smaller? Here’s what selfie camera designs have in store...

How DreamLab works: The science behind ‘Project DRUGS’

When you're asleep and your phone's crunching numbers, what data is Project DRUGS actually looking for? Here's the biology behind DreamLab...

Santa Claus soars: Watch the UK’s first 4G-powered drone delivery

We've been delivering cheer via 4G, in one of the UK's most hard-to-reach places. Check out our festive 4G drone in action...

Pocket a Palm Phone: The story behind 2018’s smallest smartphone

A big wearable? A small smartphone? A companion product? Or all three? Here’s how the 3.3-inch Palm Phone came to be...

Tech Trivia: How do multiple camera setups work on smartphones?

Confused by the array of cameras on the back of your smartphone? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand the differences between a single, dual, triple (and more) lens setup.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and online Christmas shopping: Essential tips!

Looking for a festive bargain? Check out our Black Friday deals and get some indispensable online shopping tips at the same time!

Picture Perfect: How to get the most from your phone’s Portrait Mode

If your new handset has a background-blurring Portrait Mode built in, here's how to take the best shots this side of a DSLR...

Smartphone supercomputers: How does DreamLab work?

When you use the DreamLab app, your phone becomes a supercomputer in the fight against cancer. But what exactly is it doing?