Thousands of Apple prizes are up for grabs for players of Find Unlimited, including one of five brand new iPhone 11s! Find out more here…

Eager to get your hands on Apple’s latest flagship phone? With Vodafone, you can – and not only through our great deals.

We’re launching the unique AR game Find Unlimited, which gives participants the chance to test their wits, and geography, across London in a bid to win a wealth of Apple prizes, including one of five brand new iPhone 11s.

So, what do you have to do to earn yourself one of these cracking giveaways? We’ve got the details…

Crack the clues

Our Find Unlimited game challenges players to find and interact with AR ‘V-atoms’ dropped in six ‘high-footfall’ locations across Central London each day, using a phone in camera mode. There are six ‘V-atoms’ to find and unlock at each London location (36 in total) – but don’t rest on your laurels: you can only interact with each ‘V-atom’ once, and the six locations will change daily.

And, before you think about sneaking out when everybody’s sleeping to get a head start, Find Unlimited is available to play for two hours every day between 12–2pm, from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th September 2019, with one iPhone 11 up for grabs each day.

You can pre-register between Wednesday 18th and Sunday 22nd September to receive a clue on the whereabouts of the iPhone 11 on the first game day. To unlock the clue, simply share the competition on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Get involved

So, how can you jump into the action with Find Unlimited? Put simply: anyone can play, though Vodafone customers will be given a head start with exclusive clues for locating prizes given at 11am each day.

All gamers who share their experience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will also receive a clue on the location of the next day’s iPhone 11 up for grabs – which can be repeated on each gaming day.

Want to learn more about how to play or pre-register? Visit, and get hunting those V-atoms!

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