Stock up for the school year with these handy kid – and adult – friendly apps...

Summer holidays have come and gone, which means it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and jump back into school-mode. Of course, with summer likely still on the mind, this is easier said than done.

The reality of a new school term can be a tough pill to swallow; packed lunches, homework, exams, extracurricular activities…the list goes on. But, fear not! We’ve rounded-up some very handy apps to help you stay cool, calm and collected for the new school year…

Remember the Milk | Android, iOS, Free

It’s hard enough to strike a work/life balance let alone remember that you’ve run out of milk – which is the genius of organiser apps such as Remember the Milk. Think of it as your very own digital assistant: you can create kid-friendly grocery lists, set reminders to prep for tests or pay bills and assign tasks, with specific time frames, to other family members. Synced on multiple devices, you can keep everyone accountable with daily, weekly and monthly appointments and tasks accessible through a shared calendar. So no excuses!

Class Timetable | Android, iOS, Free

Have a habit of misplacing your class timetable? It won’t happen again with Class Timetable, an app that helps you stay on top of your subjects and keep track of homework, all in one place. For those who want to simplify overly detailed timetables by day or week, and have a fondness for colour coding, this is the app for you. Got an Apple Watch? This app works brilliantly, check it discreetly and take the credit for being so organised.

Noted. | iOS, Free

Remember the days when you had to spend hours trawling through pages of notes or hours of audio? Well those days are over thanks to Noted, which seamlessly brings the two together. You can record lectures, take notes and pictures – at the same time – and instantly return to key moments when needed. It’s as simple as adding a #TimeTag. A true lifesaver, this app will save you countless hours come revision time.

Forest: Stay Focused | Android, iOS, Free

Imagine if every time you opened an app on your phone a tree died. That’s the concept of Forest – you plant a seed and a virtual tree grows for as long as you have the app open – to guilt eco-conscious users to increase their productivity and reduce procrastination. Ideal for anyone who struggles to put their phone down and is losing precious study-time to the latest meme. Oh, and don’t worry – no actual trees will be harmed when opening this app!

Kindle | Android, iOS, Free

If you’re someone who finds it hard to decide which book to take on your commute, then you’ll love the Kindle app. It’s your very own portable library; you’ll have access to millions of books, magazines, newspapers and textbooks, plus all your notes and research in one place –, without the need to actually own a Kindle. Wallet and backpack-friendly, this app is great for students at all school levels wanting to keep on top of their reading and boost their brainpower.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes | Android, iOS, Free

Suffering from summer brain drain? You’re not alone out there. Ease yourself back into school mode with Kahoot! the ultimate trick to get little ’uns to exercise their brains. Whether you want to take on one of the countless quizzes or create your very own, there’s tonnes of fun – and knowledge – to be gained.

Stop, Breathe & Think | Android, iOS, Free

It’s never too early to start living more mindfully. While life is full of stressful moments, there are plenty of healthy ways of dealing with feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Enter: Stop, Breathe & Think, an easy-to-use meditation app for kids and teens. From written guides to breathing exercises, there’s plenty of great tools and tips to help kids cope with the demands of everyday life. A great app to help you stay calm on the way to school, before an exam or at home completing homework . And parents can rest easy: the therapist recommended app tracks how “settled” kids feel, so you can check in and support your child.

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