Want to learn a new skill or uncover hidden gems? We’ve got you covered with these incredible new apps…

There’s plenty to discover, and rediscover, when it comes to the ever-increasing world of apps. From the practical and functional, to addictive games, you’ll be hard pressed not to uncover some great gems to enhance your life.

Get fit, veg out, learn to cook or even build your very own mobile app out with this month’s roundup of must-have downloads…

gowithYamo: The Art Guide | Android, iOS, Free

Art lovers, this one’s for you. Whether you’re a Van Gogh or Andy Warhol fan, with gowithYamo you’ll be able to find art exhibitions, galleries, events and showcases that cater to your tastes. With a tap of a button, you’ll have access to art events happening in your area; from niche exhibitions to major art fairs, there’s something for everyone. And you’ll even be rewarded for your art appreciation: visit exhibitions to collect points (Yamos) redeemable at the in-app gift shop. After all, who doesn’t love a gallery gift shop? It’s your personal art tour guide, in the palm of your hand.

Fitbod | iOS, £9.49/ £54.99/ (per month/year)

If you’re looking to pump up your fitness game and add some serious muscle, Fitbod is the app for you. What’s great about this app is that, despite its focus on strength training, it’s designed for all fitness levels. Both gym junkies and newbies can benefit from the app’s wide range of well-balanced routines and plans created by certified personal trainers. Simply choose a programme to match your fitness goals (there’s an Olympic Weightlifting option for the seriously hardcore) and the rest is up to you!

Dotspot Discovery | Android, iOS, Free

An app for the Instagram age, Dotspot is the world’s first city guide curated by top influencers. This app is seriously handy, offering more helpful tips and recommendations for travelling and eating out, rather than the best hashtags. Instead of scrolling through different social media posts and/or websites, you can now find the best cafe or coolest rooftop bar wherever you are in the world in one place, within seconds. Create lists of your favourite spots and share them with friends, to earn some serious brownie points.

Meetup | Android, iOS, Free

Explore, teach and learn with Meetup, an app bringing people together across thousands of cities to pursue their passions. Whether you’re a keen runner, dog-lover or want to learn how to build your very own mobile app, signing up with Meetup will increase your chance to do so with a group of like-minded people. Simply download the app to check out what your local area has to offer. A fun, new way to make new friends and share your interests.

Slinky Walk | iOS, Free

Rediscover the endless fun of the slinky, anywhere, anytime – and without the need for stairs – with Slinky Walk. The aim of the game here is to help Mr. Slinky down the stairs, avoiding obstacles, to collect points and make it to the finish line. Designed for kids and kids-at-heart (especially those with a strong case of nostalgia), Slinky Walk is sure to keep the whole family entertained

MUBI | Android, iOS, £9.99 (per month)

Sick of scrolling through thousands of films with no end in sight? Want to expand your film repartee? Then you might consider MUBI, a subscription service that lets you discover beautiful cult, classic or award-winning films to download or stream on up to 5 devices.

Made for film lovers, MUBI’s catalogue is full of quirky arthouse flicks, moody film noirs and Oscar-winning documentaries that are sure to leave an impression. One thing to note is that MUBI updates its hand-picked selection of films every day, so time is of the essence if you want to catch a certain flick – 30 days to be precise. However, it does have offline-watching capability, so you can take great films wherever you go.

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