With Apple typically lifting the lid on its new iPhone in September, there’s not long to wait to find out what the latest and greatest device will hold. But what do pundits predict will be revealed? We take a look at the hottest rumours from the tech press…

Expectations are high that in September, Apple will once again break the mould with the iPhone 2019, and we’re waiting with bated breath for more details on how the tech giant will raise the game. But what do the pundits think?

We sort through the rumours to see what surprises the next iPhone could have in store for us…

2019 iPhone: Fresh new design?

According to rumours, Apple is going for the ‘more is more’ route with the iPhone 2019, with speculation rife that the design has been significantly tweaked to house the three lenses on its rear.

Max Parker at Trusted Reviews, says, “It appears that the bump on the iPhone 11 will be markedly bigger than the small protrusions you’ll find on competing Android phones, such as the Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro, which both have similar multi-sensor camera setups.”

How this will work with the typically sleek iPhone design is unclear, and the real test will be holding it in our hands for ourselves, but we expect the design geniuses at Apple to deliver another elegant device, even if it’s carrying a little extra in the bump.

As for colours, Parker continues: “We might see the iPhone 11 ship with a dark green colour option – joining black, silver and gold – and that it might eschew the typical Apple branding on the back.” The last part, in particular, has us very intrigued as to how this will turn out.

2019 iPhone: Big changes in display?  

The tech press is reporting that the iPhone 2019 may retain the same display size as the iPhone XS (a still-striking 5.8-inch). This doesn’t mean we can expect same old, same old, however, with the team at Pocket Lint expecting some typically cutting edge additions to the iPhone XI display:

“We’d expect them to offer mobile HDR compatibility, Apple’s True Tone technology and the same resolutions as their predecessors.”

The possibility of getting even more HD content on your iPhone is one that has us very excited, while True Tone, according to Apple, “dynamically adjust[s] the white balance of the display to match the light around you.” In other words: we may have to prepare for an even more immersive viewing experience.

2019 iPhone: Camera tech fit for night shoots?

If rumours are to be believed, camera improvements seem to be a huge focus for the new handset, with the triple-lens camera again figuring prominently in tech predictions. Tech Radar reports, “Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has weighed in to say that one of these lenses might be almost invisible, adding at the same time that the selfie camera will get a boost from 7MP to 12MP.”

Expert Reviews also reports that the next iPhone XI may have significantly upped its game when it comes to night shoots, too:

“At long last, Apple is producing a dedicated Night Mode to combat the extraordinary capabilities of the Google Pixel equivalent. Koroy reports that the new camera mode will activate automatically based on lighting conditions.”

2019 iPhone: New audio tech, baked in? 

While the press has placed an enormous amount of attention on rumours of the new design and cameras, predictions have also been made that the new iPhone will get a significant boost to audio features, too. In particular, it’s been reported that the new iPhone may be coming with dual Bluetooth audio support baked in.

The team at Forbes explains why this could be a huge upgrade for Apple’s new handset:

“With dual Bluetooth audio, both friends would be able to wear their own set of AirPods (or any wireless headphones). Macotakara states Apple’s implementation can also split Bluetooth signals so, for example, one iPhone can be connected to a car’s infotainment system (or Apple CarPlay) for GPS directions while also sending music to someone using headphones. And these are just two of many, many usage scenarios.” 

2019 iPhone: More battery power?

If the rumours of these new features are true, then we’ll almost certainly need all the battery power we can get with the iPhone 2019. According to Trusted Reviews, this could well be the case: “This year’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max successors will apparently get a battery boost of up to 25%.”

The same source also speculates that it may come with a companion chip, “intended to boost charging on the iPhone 11, so Apple’s 2019 flagship is unlikely to simply feature a large battery cell, but rather offer a more effective overall package.”

If so, the iPhone XI could have a battery to boast about.

So, how accurate will these rumours be? News of the iPhone XI is set to arrive in September, so we’ll see if Apple has any more secrets up its sleeves then. All we know, is that we can’t wait to find out more…

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