Looking to liven up your homescreen this August? Stay ahead of the curve with these great apps…

Feel like you’re constantly on the back foot when it comes to the hottest new apps? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We know all too well that sometimes, after a long day of work or dealing with the stresses of everyday life, the last thing you feel like doing is searching for great new apps to add to your collection. But trust us when we say that there are some seriously cool and useful apps that are worth the effort. And with our monthly roundups it’s easy to stay in the loop. See for yourself below.

Moon Walk – Apollo 11 Mission | Android, iOS, Free

Ever wondered what it’d be like to walk on the moon? Now you can with Moon Walk, an augmented reality app specially created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. From navigation paths down to the astronauts’ conversations – every detail has been fine tuned to imitate NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission. It allows us ordinary folk to literally walk in the shoes of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. Simply download the app, make sure you have enough space (no pun intended), and you can recreate the historic moment from the comfort of your own home.

Jennis | Android, iOS, Subscription service (price varies)

The UK’s favourite Dame has released her very own app! No, not Judi Dench but beloved Olympian, Jessica Ennis. Jennis is an at-home workout programme, which gives members access to world-class training that suits all fitness levels and schedules.

While the app isn’t free (the monthly subscription price starts at £9.99), it’s certainly cheaper and more convenient than your usual gym membership. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s got a ‘gold medal’ seal of approval from one of the world’s fittest women.

Candide – Plants & Gardening | Android, iOS, Free

Have a green thumb? Then this app is the one for you. Candide is a platform for anyone interested in plants and gardening or those of us hoping to reconnect with their gardens (or lack thereof). Users have access to a growing community of like-minded and knowledgeable lovers and experts of all things green, sharing video guides and other tips and tricks to keep your flora in tip top condition. It also has some great features such as audio tours of famous gardens and nurseries, and our favourite, ‘Plant ID’, which helps users identify a plant from a photo in seconds.

Wild Journey | iOS, Free

Get back to nature without having to actually venture to the great outdoors with Wild Journey. This great new mindfulness app lets you connect to nature, anywhere and anytime, thanks to its wide range of high quality nature sounds and guided meditations on sleep, stress release and nature connection. Build mindfulness habits and track your progress with the handy integration of the Apple health app.

Strapped for time? Not a problem thanks to “Moments”, one minute mini meditations that’ll help you slow down and connect with the present moment. With a huge variety of natural landscapes superbly animated, complemented by authentic wilderness sounds, you’ll forget you’re not in the wilderness.

Plotboard – Instant Moodboard | iOS, Free

Are you someone who loves a good collage or finds inspiration in the art of curation? Whether you’re planning to renovate your home, organise your next holiday or want to share your vision with the world, Plotboard is here to help. This easy-to-use app arranges photos and text, imported from Pinterest boards, Google or your photo folder, on a neat grid within minutes. So the next time you are inspired, or something catches your eye, simply open Plotboard and let your creativity flow.

Yuka | Android, iOS, Free

There’s really no excuses when it comes to prioritising your health, especially when there are apps like Yuka helping to keep you accountable. The app takes the hassle out of deciphering labels, so you can make the best decision when it comes to your body – inside and out. It’s as easy as scanning a product, be it a box of cereal or shampoo bottle, to find out how it stacks up health-wise: excellent, good, mediocre, or poor (conveniently colour-coded). Bad score? Yuka has you sorted – this app will find a healthy alternative to keep you on track.

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