In a world first, Vodafone customers can now stay in touch without having to pick up the phone. How? Just ask Alexa...

It’s hard enough to juggle the demands of our increasingly busy lifestyles, without having to worry about staying connected. And while we might be spending more time on our phones, that doesn’t mean we should have to drop everything to make or answer a call.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce that – in a world first – we’ve teamed up with Amazon to bring hands-free mobile calling to Echo devices, via its virtual assistant, Alexa.

“Alexa, call mum”

Why? It’s all part of our mission to make mobile phone use easier – to help our customers keep in touch while they’re busy doing what they love. Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, explains:

“At Vodafone we have innovation at our heart and are focused on great customer experience. We are proud to be the first to offer this service globally and provide another easy way for our customers to stay connected. Trends show that landline calls are reducing year on year so integrating mobile into the home, where Alexa is already being used, means customers can tap into the unlimited calls already included in their plan in an even easier way.”

It’s the perfect match, agrees Brian Oliver, Director of Alexa Communications: “Every day Alexa connects customers with the people who matter most to them and today we’re making it even easier to do that with the introduction of Vodafone OneNumber on Alexa. This is just one more way Amazon is continuing to expand our Alexa Communication service, making it even easier for our customers to stay in touch with family and friends around the world.”

We’ve extended the reach of our multi-device plan, Vodafone OneNumber, to give our customers* more choice, and more convenience, when it comes to staying connected. You can now link your existing mobile plan’s allowance of data, minutes and texts to Amazon Echo devices, not just your smartphone or Apple Watch, to make and receive calls from any of your contacts – with no need to pick up your phone or stop what you’re doing.

The benefits of hands-free calling? A seamless, and very practical way to stay in touch while going about your daily life. Whether you’re out for a morning run, catching up on emails in a coffee shop or want to go hands free in the kitchen, with Vodafone OneNumber you’ll now have the freedom to connect to whatever device is most useful to you at any given time.


What’s more, with Vodafone OneNumber on Alexa, you can choose to remain contactable 24/7, and be ‘on call’ in emergencies (you can call emergency service numbers directly through your Alexa speaker).

Want to switch-off for a couple of hours? Not a problem, you can choose which of your Echo family devices will ring or not – you can turn on or off inbound ringing, at any time. Making or receiving calls with Vodafone OneNumber on an Alexa-enabled device is simple – just ask. For example: “Alexa, call mum”.

Find peace of mind, and an extra pair of hands, with Vodafone OneNumber on Alexa.

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*Vodafone OneNumber is free for all RED pay monthly customers.