Looking for new and updated apps to enhance your life? We’ve got you covered with this month’s selection. Here are our top-picks...

Life is frantic enough without having to keep up with every single new app release, no matter how game-changing they may be. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sift through all the newest, coolest apps to give you some peace of mind – all you’ll have to do is press download.

From self-care and meditation to tasty recipes, this month our roundup puts the focus back on you.

Plum – Grow your money | iOS, Free

Want to save money without thinking about it? Of course you do. That’s the genius behind the latest fintech app, Plum, a brilliant AI assistant that’s just graduated from Facebook chatbot to fully-fledged app. Plum links to your bank account and analyses your outgoings, and once it gets to know your spending habits and budget goals, it’ll ask your permission to make automatic deductions based on what it thinks you can afford to save. Another fantastic feature is that it’ll notice if you’re overpaying on household bills and offers to help you switch suppliers. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, a house, or looking to invest for the first time, Plum can probably help.

GrowApp – Self Care Assistant | iOS, Free 7-day trial

Imagine feeling healthier, wealthier, wiser and more organised at the touch of a button. Wishful thinking? GrowApp’s Self Care Assistant, the world’s first AI for self-care could be the answer. With its wide range of scientifically based tips, GrowApp helps you to form healthy habits based on your behaviour, encouraging you to become the best version of yourself. GrowApp also keeps you accountable and able to reach your goals with its superb sync schedule, which makes it easier to stay on track – and to remember that early meeting you scheduled last week. If you’re up for the challenge to change your old habits or create new ones, and measure your progress along the way, GrowApp is your best bet.

Ten Percent Happier – Meditation & Sleep | Android, £4.69 – £90.99 per item

Habitual snoozer? Sometimes all you need is that extra ten minutes of rest to recharge your system. Ten Percent Happier takes that idea to another level, with an amazing library of over 500 guided meditations, videos, talks, and sleep content, leaving you spoilt for choice for ways to sleep better, be more mindful, and improve your relationships. There’s a sleep section designed to make it easy to fall (and stay) asleep, quick meditations that can fit into your busy life, plus short and sweet stories designed to uplift and inspire even when stuck on the train. A fun, straightforward way to find your Zen and become that ten percent happier.

Think!Think! : Brain training games for kids | Android, £2.39 – £7.99 per item

Think!Think! is every parent’s dream gaming app. Unlike the countless mindless games targeted at kids, Think!Think! cleverly uses fun, timed puzzles and over 100 other mini-games to boost kids’ brainpower and entertain – so they’re learning while playing.. With the stamp of approval from Finnish education experts, and complete with a colourful, accessible, child-friendly navigation and interface (with no third party ads or links, and parental locks on in-app purchases), this app can sharpen your kids’ lateral thinking and spatial reasoning skills. Perfect for parents after an app that can help unlock their child’s full potential, and keep them entertained in a safe and easy-to-use digital space.

Quizlet | Android, iOS, £1.79 – £32.99 per item

Looking for a new study buddy? We’d recommend Quizlet, an incredibly useful app that uses flashcards to help you organise your notes and important information so that you can study, practice and master what you’re learning with ease. With it you have the freedom to create your own personalised flashcards or choose from millions of flashcards created by other app users. From timed games to standardised test prep and foreign language classes – there’s even audio that allows you to listen to your material pronounced correctly in 18 languages – Quizlet has a multitude of different ways to make sure that you ace your next test.

Tasty | Android, iOS, Free

Tasty, the hugely popular YouTube channel, which also happens to be the world’s largest food network, now has its very own app. Think of this as your very own mobile cookbook, with over 3000 step-by-step recipes at your fingertips. The guides are straightforward to follow, and practically designed too – it’ll keep your phone ‘awake’ while you cook for instance, so no more sticky screens. You can also personalise recipes based on your dietary requirements, or the ingredients left in the fridge, or ask for recommendations based on time of day or an upcoming celebration. Catering for all skill levels and tastes, Tasty’s a great go-to for anyone looking for a one-stop-shop recipe app.

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