Looking to try out some cool new and updated apps? We’ve gathered a list of our favourites for you to check out this April…

Spring has sprung, and the changing seasons represent a perfect time to refresh your phone’s homescreen. Whether rain or (hopefully) shine, there’s a whole host of cool apps to grace your device, all available at the touch of a button from Google Play and App Store.

So, how do you find the hidden gems amidst all the noise? We’ve cast our eye on all the hottest new releases and updates to bring you the must-have apps for April.

[UPDATED] Snapchat | Android, Free

Snapchat is, of course, already a favourite on iOS and Android, but it’s now been “rebuilt for Android”, having come under fire over the past few years for persistent issues, including low camera quality and occasional crashing. Thankfully, this has now been addressed, with bugs ironed out and a totally revamped camera bringing the heady heights of the iOS experience to Android. It’s taken a while, but the update’s definitely worth the wait.

Photographs | iOS, £3.99

Luca Redwood, the game designer behind the brilliantly speedy puzzler 10000000, is back to test your smarts with his new title Photographs. Only this time, the goal is to do more than make you scratch your head – it’s to pull your heartstrings. Playing out like a series of short stories, the player is whisked through five chapters where different narratives unfold. The puzzles differ within each chapter, but more importantly, they play a key role in weaving together the narrative into one, satisfying whole. For those looking for a mobile game that will challenge and move you in equal measure, Photographs is well worth your time.

Spark | Android, iOS, Free

Spark, the brilliantly smart email app, has been making iOS users’ lives easier for years. Muscling in on the patch of the major email providers, Spark offers simple, effective steps to help you reorganise, streamline and adapt your emails to whatever suits you best. It’s a great way to increase productivity and avoid drowning under a pile of junk. Now, with Spark making its way to Android, a whole host of new users will have the chance to revitalise their inbox.

FreePrints Cards | Android, iOS, Free

FreePrints, the superb family of photo apps, has added yet another string to its bow. Bolstering its array of apps – including one to have your snaps delivered in brilliant, high quality prints, and another that allows you to quickly create a glossy photobook from your own mobile gallery – FreePrints has now extended its portfolio to include FreePrints Cards. So, instead of running to the shops when you’ve realised you’ve forgotten a friend’s birthday, you can simply create a customised card using the app and your own gallery, while registration also includes one standard card free every month. Struggling to keep track of those special dates? FreePrints Cards can keep you ahead of the game.

Run Race 3D | Android, iOS, Free

This fiendishly addictive game will undoubtedly unleash your competitive spirit, pitting you against other players as you, unsurprisingly given the title, race them to the finish line. The game really isn’t more complicated than that – but despite its unpolished, cutesy visuals and one-button controls, Run Race 3D is an incredibly compulsive time-stealer that you’ll be revisiting for a long time to come.

Brill | iOS, Free

Does the world need another notes app? If it works as well as Brill, the answer is an unequivocal ‘yes’. Not only is it incredibly quick – with the brilliant voice capture saving oodles of time jotting down or typing out your notes – it’s superb for organisation, with folders, tags and statuses all available to ensure none of your ideas get lost in the deluge. It supports over 60 languages, and is even usable with Siri, so if something important pops up when on the move, a quick command can get it taken down before the next inevitable distraction. If you want a smarter way to get your ideas down, Brill could well be the answer.

Deliciously Ella | iOS, Free 

Deliciously Ella is a plant-based food blog that offers up far more than just recipes. From yoga instructional videos, to lifestyle advice to travel tips, Deliciously Ella is a one-stop shop for your wellbeing needs. And now, founder Eleanor Woodward has delivered an app accompaniment dedicated to “helping you feel healthier and happier”. With a huge number of plant-based recipes, shopping lists, meal planners and more, the Deliciously Ella app is incredibly easy-to-use, with an appropriately stylish UI. For fans of Deliciously Ella this is a must, though we expect the app will gain fresh converts, too.

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