Your homescreen deserves a shakeup. Luckily, we’re back with another monthly roundup of the very best in new apps…

It’s time once again to take a look at your phone’s homescreen, delete the clutter and add some fresh new apps. Every calendar month we dive into the App Store and Google Play to find only the best iOS and Android newcomers.

This month we’ve got fitness apps, coding clubs, ways to get organised, and methods to entertain the kids. Here’s what’s worth downloading this month…

Centr by Chris Hemsworth | iOS, Free (+Subscription)

Yep; that Chris Hemsworth. There are few fitness role models better than Thor, God of Thunder, and Centr wants to help you get in superhero shape by way of tailored fitness plans by legitimate pro trainers. Alongside routines you can do at home or in the gym, the app also offers meal plans and meditation.

Eastnine | iOS, Free (+Subscription)

Like Centr, Eastnine is a new fitness app offering professional audio coaching. Where it differs, though, is in its focus on getting you to keep coming back – and stick to your routines. To that end it also offers coaching from psychologists on how to build lasting training patterns, alongside a competitive leaderboard that lets you try and best your friends when it comes to consistent workouts.

Poldo’s Puzzle | iOS and Android, £0.99

On the surface this is a pretty simple-looking puzzle game, but one made with lots of love and attention by a small team of creatives. It’s aimed squarely at younger kids, who’re tasked with spinning blocks to reveal an animated animal – or to combine different animal parts to create a brand new one, which they can keep and share. Wholesome family fun.

Go Explore from CBeebies | iOS and Android, Free

Our second kid-friendly app recommendation this month, Go Explore is a free learning app from the team at CBeebies, and features all of its best-loved characters. There are tonnes of interactive experiences and educational games baked in, teaching littluns about everything from the environment and healthy eating choices, to maths and social skills.

Wanna Kicks | iOS, Free

If AR (Augmented Reality) has a future in any one field, it’s definitely shopping – and Wanna Kicks is a great example of this. The app uses your phone’s camera and inbuilt AR tech to project trainers from a host of big names onto your waiting feet, letting you try on your next pair of hi-tops without needing to hit the high street. Find a pair you like? Naturally, there’s a link to buy each pair that takes your fancy.

Quick Note | Android, Free

Always scrabbling for pen and paper? Quick Note is a great new note-taking app for Android that’s simple enough to be immediately useful, and featured enough to help you get on top of your lists. Labels help you combine your thoughts into groups, for instance, while the ability to take notes (either written or vocal) right from a widget on one of your homescreens makes this a great go-to for your next stroke of genius.

This month’s best entertainment… Catch up on everything Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV Entertainment Pass has to offer in March: