On 20 February, Samsung launched its hotly-anticipated Galaxy S10 range. Here are all the specs, details and pics you need…

Even with countless rumours and endless hype circling the internet over recent months, there was still a whole lot to be revealed at ‘Galaxy UNPACKED’ – Samsung’s big announcement event for 2019. In fact, UNPACKED turned out to be the biggest phone announcement Samsung has ever made, with three new models – the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e – unveiled all in one swoop.

The Galaxy S10 range is the culmination of a decade of S series innovation – which is all the confirmation we need to know that the S10, S10+ and S10e are the best phones Samsung has ever brought out. But don’t worry if you’re unsure which of the three is right for you. We’re here to reveal exactly what’s new, what you need to know, and what to expect after you pre-order yours now Vodafone UK.

But to kick things off, take a look at a first-glance video on the S10 range from tech whizz, GadgetsBoy – Vodafone UK’s roving reporter at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Display: 3040 x 1440 pixels, 6.1/6.4 inches
Rear camera:
12MP + 12MP + 16MP
Selfie camera:
10MP/10MP + 8MP

The perfect match for: Multitasking photography buffs

Let’s take a look at the S10 and S10+ together. They’re very similar beasts, after all – bar a few big differences.

As with previous generations, the S10 is the more pocket friendly of the two models, with its 6.1-inch display; while the S10+ boasts a glorious 6.4 inches of unbridled screen estate. Both, however, feature Samsung’s brand-new Infinity-O Display.

Crafted from ultra-strong Gorilla Glass, Infinity-O is an edge-to-edge, QHD+ display that, with no home button, no notch, and just a tiny opening for the front camera, offers an unrivalled, uninterrupted viewing experience.

With Infinity-O introduced on the outside, Samsung is also debuting One UI on the inside. This is an interface new to the S10 range that changes based on the way you use your phone – so you only see what you need, find focus in what you’re doing, and use your phone in a way that’ll feel like second nature.

That means far less clutter, icons that pop with colour, and far easier one-handed use. And it’s not the only new space-age feature Samsung is introducing.

The S10 and S10+ both boast the AI-powered ‘True Vision Camera’, which promises the ability to capture images just as your eyes see them – all while advising you on how to take the best shot. It does this through an all new triple-camera system on the back, which includes Samsung’s ultra-wide and ultra-zoom lenses, so that you can capture both the tiniest detail and the whole scene at once.

And you’ll also be able to take your selfie game to the next level. The S10 has a single 12-megapixel front-facing camera, whereas the S10+ has a dual-camera system with a new front-facing portrait lens. Both, however, have a built in ‘Instagram Mode’; meaning you can take photos or videos like you would on the ‘gram, but all from the phone’s standard camera. The front-facing cameras also enable 2D facial recognition for hands-free unlocking.

Samsung is also introducing its new ‘Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner’. Here, the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor found in previous Galaxy S models has been replaced with a next-generation sensor – built directly into the front of the display – that reads every ridge and notch of your finger to give vault-like security.

The S10 and S10+ both run on Android 9.0 ‘Pie’ – the operating system’s latest version – and have the processing power to let you stream, game and multitask until your heart’s content – making stutters and buffers a distant memory. Both models come with a 128GB capacity, with the choice of an incredible 8GB of RAM and 512GB of expandable storage.

On the features side of things, both phones of course retain Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby. But new to the S10 range is ‘PowerShare’. This is a clever ‘reverse’ wireless charging capability that allows you to charge another phone or accessory from your mobile with – you guessed it – no wires. No matter if it’s a friend’s phone, your Galaxy Buds, or Galaxy Watch, simply place it on your device and you’ll be able to share your charge.

And trust us – you won’t need to be greedy with the charge you ‘PowerShare’. Both phones come with so much battery power that you’ll be more than willing to help your friends out. And when you finally need to top-up yourself? It’s just as quick and easy, since both devices retain the fast charging capability found in the S9 range.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Display: 2280 x 1080 pixels, 5.8 inches
Rear camera:
16MP + 12MP
Selfie camera:

The perfect match for: The price-conscious tech buff

Completing the trio is the S10e, which comes with many of the top end features found in the S10 and S10+, but with some smart changes here and there to make it a more budget-friendly option.

First up, the S10e comes in at a pocket-friendly 5.8-inches – a slight shrinkage from the S10 flagships but still with the impressive Infinity-O Display and One UI interface. And, as with the S10 and S10+, the S10e also boasts the awesome new ‘PowerShare’ feature – helping to secure your position as the most popular person in the room.

The S10e’s two rear cameras, meanwhile, feature an ultra-wide lens that lets you capture those stunning city views, alongside smart video features like the ability to shoot your friends in Super-Slow mo. Round front there’s a hugely capable selfie-cam that’s more than able to make you look your best, as well as to help you unlock the device hands-free by way of Samsung’s excellent Iris-scanning tech.

S10e offers a huge battery and 128GB of storage, plus up to 512GB of microSD expandable storage available – this time paired with 6GB of RAM, which means there’s still plenty of raw processing power for everything from gaming and enjoying the latest box-set, to image editing on the go.

Like its bigger brothers, the S10e also sports a fingerprint sensor – but this time nestled on its side. It also runs on Android 9 and comes out of the box with all the software goodies found on the larger S10 variants.

Still keen to hear more? Check out another first look video from the Vodafone Ready Squad below.

All of that leaves two questions: which one do you go for, and how do you pre-order?

Get your hands on an S10

All three devices are now available to pre-order right now on a Vodafone Red Entertainment plan at Vodafone UK.

With Red Entertainment, your new device comes saddled with unlimited texts and minutes, 50GB of data and your choice of Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass at no extra cost. And all that will only cost £57 per month (plus £29 upfront) for the Samsung S10; £61 per month (plus £29 upfront) for the S10+; and £53 per month (plus £29 upfront) for the S10e.

Hungry for extra data? You can purchase any of the S10 range on a Vodafone Red Extra plan, which includes unlimited texts and minutes, plus a massive 60GB of data. The Samsung S10 is available on a Red Extra plan from £54 per month (plus £49 upfront); the S10+ is available from £58 per month (plus £49 upfront); and the S10e is available from £50 per month (plus £49 upfront).

Oh, and one more thing: if you pre-order the S10 or S10+ before 8 March , you’ll be able to claim a pair of the all new Samsung Galaxy Buds at no extra cost via this link! Still have your old Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+? Send it back to us and you’ll get up to £10 off the new S10 or S10+ every month for your entire 24-month contract.

All three models will be available at Vodafone UK in prism black, prism white or prism green. The S10e will also be available in a head-turning canary yellow.

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