Palm Phone is the credit card-sized smartphone that wants you to use it less and engage in real life…

Designed with a 3.3 inch display, and with less focus on the apps that absorb all our attention, the tiny Palm Phone is somewhat of an intersection between smartphone and wearable – with the power of the former, and mobility of the latter. You can learn loads more about the phone’s inspiration from our interview with Palm co-founder Dennis Miloseski.

But what we want to talk about here is: what’s it actually like to use? And how can you make the most of owning one? The Palm Phone comes with a whole host of different design features, plan options and accessories that all exist to keep you connected without being consumed.

We’ve compiled a list of six ways you can get the most out of your Palm Phone:

1) Decide how you’re going to use it

If you feel you no longer need a larger, more traditional smartphone in your life, then go for it and make the permanent switch to Palm. But what if you still need the capabilities (and screen estate) of your current smartphone during the work week? Or if you’d only like to use the Palm Phone on certain days or times?

Palm thinks its tiny handset can make for a great standalone device, or the perfect second phone for evenings, weekends, or any time you don’t want  to lug a phablet around with you. So… main device, or second screen?

The choice, as they say, is up to you – you can grab yours from just £31 per month with no upfront cost and 4GB of monthly data over at

2) Work out worry-free

Ok, so you’ve picked up a Palm Phone, and know exactly what role it’s going to play in your digital life. Now it’s time to start using it. First up: the gym.

For all the joys of traditional smartphones, they can be quite bulky – and they’re only getting bigger, which can be problematic during exercise.

The miniscule Palm Phone has no such problem. As a device designed to lower your phone usage, it does a pretty great job of staying out of the way. That means you can enjoy a grueling working out at the gym, without having to worry about your phone.

And, while it’s small enough to freely sit in any pocket, Palm also has you covered with its very own sports sleeve. Not only that; the company recruited basketball superstar Stephen Curry to help design it. Safe to say, he probably knows what he’s talking about on that one. Check it out here.

3) Accessorise it

If you’ve no intention of letting your Palm Phone encounter any form of exercise, then fear not – there’s still lots for you in the accessory department. For heading out and about, you can keep your Palm in a custom-designed lanyard case, which protects it from those inevitable accidental drops while staying within arm’s reach.

Heading somewhere glam? For the more stylish occasion, Palm has partnered with Kate Spade New York to design a wristlet to carry the phone. Alternatively, Palm’s premium leather sleeve, co-designed with phone case manufacturer, Granite, is a top protective option.

4) Switch on ‘Life Mode’

The design of the Palm Phone’s interface is where it really lives up to its key objective, and the centre piece of that is ‘Life Mode’. This is a setting that silences incoming calls and notifications every time the screen is off. Then, when you wake the screen, the Palm Phone will reconnect itself and fill you in on what you’ve missed.

Waiting on an important email? You’ve also got the option to customise ‘Life Mode’ by controlling the notifications you’d still like to come through when the screen is off. It’s the perfect way to be more in the moment.

5) Say ‘Hey Google’

Being powered by Android, the Palm Phone can hook you up to the millions of apps, games, movies and music from the Google Play Store – just as you can with a traditional Android smartphone.

And you can also use the Palm Phone to get all the help you need from the Google Assistant. So whether it’s playing music, creating events, calling someone back, or asking for directions, you can get all your admin done via voice.

6) Get around in a hurry

Despite the fact that the Palm Phone wants you to use it less, there obviously has to come a point when you’ll need to get stuff done. Thankfully, everything here is designed around speed – getting you where you need to go, as quickly as possible.

Central to that is the Palm Phone’s ‘Gesture Pad’, which makes finding apps a breeze; swiping up from the bottom of the lock screen and then drawing the first letter of the app you’re searching for will quickly reveal it in an alphabetized list.

That’s great, but the Gesture Pad isn’t the only means to get around your Palm Phone in a hurry; it’s been gifted a ‘Quick Actions’ feature too, which means exactly what you think it does.

Simply hold down on an app icon on the home screen, and a list of its most common functions will appear as a shortcut. So whether that’s selecting a specific Spotify playlist you created, or quickly replying to an email, you can make it happen in a snap.

Pocket your Palm Phone… Head over to to grab yours now!