Are you ready for the Internet of Things? We are! And we've got some new connected devices that'll keep your belongings safer than ever before...

For the uninitiated, the Internet of Things (or IoT) is all about connecting devices together; your lights, your car… even your fridge. With the latest smart tech, a huge array of objects in and outside the home can all be connected – and you can communicate with them – to unlock a wealth of cool possibilities. And that’s where ‘V by Vodafone‘ comes in.

‘V by Vodafone’ is a simple, no-nonsense range of IoT devices for your home and family – ones that you can connect to and manage from your smartphone wherever you go via the dedicated V by Vodafone app.

For a more in-depth look at how ‘V by Vodafone’ works, be sure to check out this post. But for now? Let’s take a look at the latest devices joining the fore; we’ve got three awesome new tools designed to help you track the important and valuable things in your life – all thanks to the power of our best ever network…

V-Multi Tracker | £45 and £2 per month

Measuring only 39mm wide, 12mm high, and weighing less than 20g, the ‘V-Multi Tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Mini is a GPS tracker that’s designed to be clipped onto anything; your laptop, your house keys, or your sports bag.

Should somebody walk away with your belongings outside of the predetermined ‘safe zone’, the V-Multi Tracker will alert your smartphone, showing you where your tracked item is and where it’s been, helping you find it again.

What’s more, the V-Multi Tracker includes an SOS button so that you can leave it with a loved one. If they ever need urgent help, an app alert or email with their exact coordinates is only a button press away.

V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 | £105 and £4 per month

Who truly knows what your pets get up to when you’re out of the house? Are they popping through a cat flap and across town, or are they simply sleeping on your sofa all day, eagerly awaiting your return? With the ‘V-Pet Tracker by Vodafone’ Pod 3, you can finally find out.

Designed to clip onto your pet’s collar, the lightweight V-Pet Tracker is a both water proof and pet proof, meaning it’s more than capable of surviving being dragged through wet, thorny bushes, across fences, and up trees – over and over again.

More of a dog person? You can easily create geographic ‘safe zones’, whereby you’ll be alerted via the app if your trusty companion wanders out of bounds. The Pod 3 also boasts an easily replaceable two-day battery – and comes with a spare – which means you can swap power packs in a flash without having to take it off your pet’s collar.

V-Bag Tracker | £50 and £3 per month

Frequent traveler? The ‘V-Bag Tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Luggage offers some much-needed peace of mind when it comes to keeping an eye on your bags on holiday.

The size of a credit card and totally waterproof, this discreet GPS tracker is easily slipped into any bag, from where motion and light sensors will keep an eye on things for you, alerting you whenever somebody opens the bag or moves it away from your programmed ‘safe zone’. It can also detect speed, so it knows if it’s been put in a car and driven away. All you’d need to do is whip out the V by Vodafone app and track it back down!

Other devices in the V by Vodafone range

These new devices are brilliant tech leaps, but they’re just the tip of our IoT iceberg. That’s because earlier this year, we announced three new ‘V by Vodafone’ devices aimed at protecting the most valuable things of all – people.

To do just that, our V by Vodafone range also includes the V-Kids Watch, a dedicated smart watch that lets parents keep tabs on their little’uns; the V-SOS Band, a discreet wristband for vulnerable adults that can fire off a simple SOS alert with one-button (or when it automatically detects a fall); and V-Home, which combines cameras, motion sensors, and alarms, to protect your home and everyone in it.

And things are only going to get better. As we make progress towards a 5G-powered future – and with the recent and successful first live holographic call in the UK – our ever-reliable mobile connectivity will only lay sturdier foundations for better connected devices than ever before. In other words? We think the future of IoT technology is looking pretty exciting. Stay tuned for more.

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