Welcome to 2019! We're back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this January...

Looking to revamp your phone’s homescreen for 2019? As part of our regular monthly roundup, we’ve hand-picked a tempting selection of new and updated apps that’ll help you start this year with aplomb, no matter what your goals are.

For January, that means a fresh serving of new apps that’ll provide life advice, help you code, find great meals, and much more besides. Here’s our hitlist…

Curated (early access) | Android, FREE

When you read a life-changing book, listen to a captivating podcast, or just watch a funny video, you normally get the urge to tell your friends about it, right? Curated helps you cut out all the noise that normally fills your social feeds, by focussing on sharing great content. When you’ve discovered something amazing you want to shout about, share it here. Interested in something your friends have shared? Save it.

Aroundsound Audio Recorder (early access) | Android, FREE

There are loads of Dictaphone apps out there for recording important conversations, but Aroundsound’s vibe is a little bit different; it wants you to think of audio recordings the same way you do photos – that they’re a great way to capture moments and relive memories. The app will stick a record button right into your notification tray quick panel for instant access, and offers its own inbuilt editing tools. Great for capturing first words, brilliant stories, or the sounds of the season.

Enjo | iOS, FREE

Enjo’s a clever chatbot that seeks to offer a bit of mindful support for parents, whenever they need it. It gives personalised, non-judgemental support by way of daily mindful reflections on what you’re grateful for, helping you shift your perspective when feeling down or stressed. Its latest update also adds Apple Health integration, so your Mindful Reflections count towards your Mindful Minutes.

Eaten | iOS, FREE

The restaurant review app space is a crowded one but Eaten wants to set itself apart from the pack by focussing purely on the food itself, rather than that time you had to wait 15 minutes for your starter and had a table near the toilets. On its map you’ll find user-submitted photos and verdicts on the dinners available near you, letting you and your fellow foodies hone in on the absolute crème de la crème.

[UPDATED] The School of Life | Android, iOS, FREE + IAP

Life always has its little challenges, but January is a great time to take stock and reboot. Based in London and founded by scholars in a huge range of fields, the School of Life is committed to emotional well-being – with a focus on relationships and work – and its dedicated app gives you access to a community to chat to, share insights with, and even meet up with. Its most recent update includes the addition of @ mentions, so you never miss a moment.

[UPDATED] Mimo: Learn to Code | Android, iOS, FREE + IAP

If one of your new year’s resolutions was to learn a new hobby, let it be coding – it’s a skill that’ll only become more and more useful in the future. Mimo’s a great resource for this; it’ll help you learn to make apps, build games, and create websites through a series of bite-size lessons that fit in around your day. Its latest update even takes you through how to make malware, purely for the purpose of helping you understand how dodgy software works.

[UPDATED] Minecraft | Android, iOS, £6.99 + IAP

As old as Minecraft is, its constant updates continue to breathe new life into the sandbox experience. The game’s latest 1.8 update introduces new types of animals, like stray cats and pandas. The cats help to keep away those pesky Phantoms, and the Pandas just, well… Lounge around being cute. But they do live in Minecraft’s new bamboo forests, which you can chop down to use as scaffolding for your epic builds.

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