We've revamped our Digital Parenting website to help you and your family get even more from your digital lives. Here's everything you need to know...

For many parents, keeping pace with how kids are using the latest devices, apps and games waters can be a tricky. But our brand new Digital Parenting website is the go-to-guide for parents on the latest digital safety and wellbeing issues, and it’s here to help.

And, to get parents talking to their children about social media, we’ve partnered with award-winning author Jeanne Willis and leading illustrator Tony Ross on #Goldilocks – a revamped version of the classic fairy tale for the digital age.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Digital Parenting turns digital!

The free Digital Parenting guide has helped over 6 million parents, carers and teachers across the UK get the most out of the online world and navigate it safely and responsibly.

This year, to reach even more people with this important advice, we’ve launched a new Digital Parenting website at vodafone.co.uk/digitalparenting. Here you’ll find practical advice, top tips and expert views on everything from social media and cyberbullying, to online gaming and fake news.

But it’s also where you’ll find #Goldilocks, a new kids book that explores the fundamentals of using social media in a safer way…


With new research suggesting children as young as seven are using social media, we think it’s important to start the conversations early.

Teaming up with award-winning author Jeanne Willis, renowned illustrator Tony Ross, and with Andersen Press, we’ve co-produced #Goldilocks – a fairy-tale for the digital age with an updated message for kids looking to dip their toes into the world of likes and shares.

“Technology and the internet are so prevalent in children’s lives these days,” says author Jeanne Willis, “I wanted to create a simple and enjoyable solution for encouraging parents to speak to their children about how to best manage the issues that come with it.

“Partnering with Digital Parenting felt like a natural development, and I’m looking forward to helping spread the message of talking to children about their online lives with them.”

#Goldilocks is a great way to teach kids how to use social media practices right, and it’s available to download for free at vodafone.co.uk/digitalparenting.

Check it out now… Head over to our new look Digital Parenting website for more.