Apple's iPhone XR is available right now! But what do the experts in the tech press think of Apple's multicoloured marvel? Here's the verdict...

Heard the news? You can now grab Apple’s iPhone XR from Vodafone UK from just £29 upfront and £56 per month, with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and a staggering 100GB of monthly data.

But why dive in? Well, as you’d expect, there’s lots to love here; iPhone XR packs almost every great feature from the iPhone XS range, wraps them up in some pretty fetching colours, and offers all that for a more wallet-friendly price.

But we’re not alone in singing the XR’s praises. And to prove it, we’ve spent this past weekend rifling through the web to learn what the experts in the tech press have to say. Read on for a smattering from every iPhone XR review that matters…

iPhone XR: Reviews

The Verge
“When I first picked up the iPhone XR, it felt like the big questions would be about what the XR was missing compared to the XS. But now that I’ve used this thing for a while, that seems like the wrong way to think about it. The real question for iPhone buyers is whether the high-res OLED display on the XS is worth $250 more than the XR. Because otherwise, the XR offers almost everything you’d want in a 2018 phone.”

“The less expensive iPhone XR delivers most iPhone X and XS features, including an excellent big screen in a comfortable body, fast performance, Face ID and wireless charging, and a camera that’s mostly as good as the iPhone XS. The iPhone XR is the best iPhone for the price, delivering most of the advantages of the iPhone XS for hundreds less.”

“Despite being larger than my iPhone XS, the iPhone XR is still a good size — it’s a barely larger than my XS with a case so there wasn’t much of an adjustment pocketing it — and the bigger screen is really nice even if it’s not an OLED. The battery life lasts longer, and the premium construction, best-in-class performance, robust app ecosystem, and excellent cameras means you’re not really missing out much.”

“Of the three iPhones launched in 2018, the iPhone XR is the most impressive of the lot. Not because of the strength of the spec – the iPhone XS is slightly ahead in a lot of areas – but what you’re ‘saving’ by going for this model far outweighs what you’re losing. A multitude of colors, very good battery life and a lower price? If you want a new iPhone, check this one out first.”

“These days, lots of smartphone makers are trying to offer more for less, and Apple is no exception. Its new iPhone XR features a lot of what makes the more premium XS and XS Max special, squeezed into a glass-and-metal package that costs significantly less…Everything Apple offers here is much, much better than just ‘good enough.’ The XR is the iPhone we’d recommend to most people.”

Digital Trends
“The iPhone XR is the best iPhone of the year. Yes, the iPhone XS and XS Max have better screens and more versatile cameras, but neither of them look as gorgeous as the XR in yellow, blue, or coral. The iPhone XR (pronounced “ten-R”) is also significantly more affordable and carries many of the best features from the flagships.”

So there you have it… A pretty unanimously positive verdict! If you’re looking for the perfect upgrade, you can grab your iPhone XR from Vodafone UK right now.