60 extra minutes in bed, or 60 minutes spent smashing your goals? Here's how to make the most of your extra time when the clocks go back...

At 2am on Sunday 29 October the clocks go back one hour, bringing us out of BST and back into good old GMT – and gifting you an extra hour in your day. But do try not to spend it in bed; there’s loads you could get done!

Whether you want to achieve something productive, get in a workout, or simply catch up on some captivating content, we’ve got you covered; these are the apps you need to help you make the most of those 60 surplus minutes…

Option 1: 60 minutes of exercise

Daily Yoga | iOS and Android, FREE (plus subscription)
Time spent so far: 14 minutes
Let’s start by warming up. Yoga’s a great way to get your body and mind in gear at the start of the day, and is perfect for stretching the old joints before a more strenuous workout. Daily Yoga’s got loads of amazing content locked behind a subscription, but you can access its 10 Day Beginner Tour for free, where the first session – Stiff Joints Relief – will walk you through the basics in 14 minutes.

Endomondo | iOS and Android, FREE
Time spent so far: 35 mins
Now owned by exercise giant Under Armor, Endomondo was one of the original mobile running apps, and boasts a huge feature set for newbies and veterans alike. Kick off the more vigorous part of your hour by changing the default ‘Basic workout’ setting on the tracking screen to ‘Interval Training’, and select the ‘Standard’ session for a great, 21-minute-long HIIT training run.

7 Minute Workout | iOS and Android, FREE
Time spent so far: 42 Minutes
Continue the cardio train with this app which, given its name, does exactly what you’d expect. There are different routines to unlock in-app, but the base one will still put your whole body to the test in just 420 seconds. The good news is you don’t need any special equipment: everything you’ll be doing revolves around shifting your own bodyweight.

8 Minute Abs | iOS and Android, FREE
Time spent so far: 50 Minutes
Another very literally-named workout app, 8 Minute Abs is a circuit designed to set your core on fire without requiring a trip to the gym. The apps for Android and iOS are different here, but the theory’s the same: fire it up, do your crunches, and work your way towards that magazine cover-worthy six-pack.

Calm | iOS and Android, FREE (plus subscription)
Time spent so far: 60 mins
Now that you’re all worn out, it’s time to relax. Calm is the current mindfulness app du jour, and for good reason: it is absolutely brimming with meditative sessions, tips, topics and even ‘sleep stories’ read by the likes of Stephen Fry. We suggest kicking off with ‘7 Days of Calm’, the first session of which is free, is just over 10 minutes long, and will introduce you to the wonders of taking some time to rest your weary mind.

Option 2: 60 minutes of productivity

Google Tasks | iOS and Android, FREE
Time spent so far: 5 Mins
Everyone needs a good to-do list, and Google’s new, dedicated ‘Tasks’ app is probably one of the best around. Download it and spend five minutes adding in your necessary jobs for the week, and you’ll be surprised how much more zen you’ll feel. Your tasks will stay in sync across devices, pull in helpful info from Google Calendar and Gmail, and you can even add sub-tasks to lists.

Yolt | iOS and Android, FREE
Time spent so far: 20 mins
Are your bank balances in a constant state of flux? Yolt is a smart new app that taps into your accounts across any number of banks and keeps tabs on your spending, helping to categorise and demystify where you’re splashing your cash every month. Getting started only takes a few minutes, but we recommend spending the full 15 to set up monthly budgets for each category (bills, shopping, eating out…), and to set up the app’s helpful ‘Left to Spend’ feature.

Plum | Within Facebook Messenger, FREE
Time spent so far: 25 mins
While we’re on the subject of money, have you tried one of the clever AI finance chatbots that live in Facebook Messenger? Plum is one such service, which links to your accounts and uses an ever-learning algorithm to syphon money into a separate savings pot for you at regular intervals. It only takes five mins to set up, but it could help you save hundreds a month. You can actually check out our thoughts on more Messenger-based banking bots here.

Skillshare | iOS and Android, FREE (plus subscription)
Time spent so far: 55 mins
You’ve finally got time for a bit of self-betterment, so why not put it to good use and teach yourself a new hobby? Skillshare offers tens of thousands of online courses in everything from web development to graphic design, and photography to cooking – all taught by pros in their field. Top tip: Lots of big YouTubers are sponsored by Skillshare right now, and they all have unique discount codes, so be sure to look around for one before you sign up for your free trial.

YouTube | iOS and Android, FREE
Time spent so far: 60 mins
Hey we’ve got some time left! Here’s a potentially life-changing five-minute video about how to properly fold a t-shirt in under three seconds:

Option 3: 60 minutes of streaming

NOW TV Entertainment | iOS and Android, FREE (plus subscription)
Time spent so far: 44 mins
Craving the couch? That’s cool too! Grab yourself a Red Entertainment plan from Vodafone UK and you’ll be gifted the choice of a two-year subscription to Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium, or NOW TV Entertainment at no extra cost. Opt for the latter to catch up with James Corden and the gang in an episode from A League of Their Own’s 13th series – and have a belly laugh or two at the same time.

Spotify | iOS and Android, FREE (plus subscription)
Time spent: 60(ish) mins
You’ve got 16 minutes left of your extra hour, so why not imbibe a few of this month’s new music releases? Spotify’s Release Radar playlist lands in your ‘Browse’ section every Friday, and is always full to the brim with brand new tracks that are cleverly tailored to your tastes. 16 minutes is roughly four songs, but, hey, if you want to carry on listening beyond the end of the hour, we won’t tell anyone. Enjoy!

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