In the never-ending new app landscape, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a tiresome task. Luckily, we’re here to help, with another monthly roundup of fresh, essential apps for iOS and Android.

With October upon us and Autumn in full swing, it’s time to compensate for the gloomy weather by brightening up your home screen. And what better way to do that than with this month’s best and brightest new apps?

On this month’s list, we’ve got apps that can help you animate your photos, sell your old unwanted items, and loads more besides. We’ve even got a new one for Apple Watch wearers in the mix. Take a look…

StoryZ Photo Motion | Android, iOS, FREE

Like getting creative with your photos? You’ll probably love StoryZ Photo Motion, which lets you make parts of your still images move around in magic ways. For instance, if you’ve taken a photo of someone standing on the shoreline of a beach, StoryZ lets you draw animation lines on the waves, which will then perform some visual trickery to make it look like the water is lapping at the shore. It’s pretty clever, addictive stuff.

Lens Distortions | Android, iOS, FREE + IAP

Another one for photo enthusiasts – this time all about filters. Think you’ve got enough filters in your life? Think again; this app does it slightly differently. With Lens Distortion, you can add light sources coming in from different angles, or even add weather effects like fog or rain! Thankfully the effects aren’t chintzy – it’s all done in a surprisingly natural way, making you a master of post-production.

BouncerTemporary App Permissions (Beta) | Android, £0.79

You know those pesky ‘permissions’ boxes that pop up when you’re doing something on your phone? Like when you’re asked whether you’d like to include location data with your photos? Well, what if you want that one photo to include it, but not every image thereafter? Bouncer is here to help. It adds temporary permissions to tasks that automatically remove the permission you set once you’re done. This’ll save you needing to dig into the settings again to remove permissions, which can stop apps from hogging battery and processing power in the long run.

letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff | Android, iOS, FREE + IAP

We’ve all got old stuff we no longer use or need hanging about the house – either at the back of the wardrobe, under the stairs, or even in the shed. But what can you do with all those unwanted items? Why not try and turn them into cash with letgo? Aimed at selling locally, letgo uses your location to connect people looking to sell with those looking to buy. If you’ve got something to shift, it couldn’t be simpler: snap a photo of your item and allow letgo’s AI tech to automatically title and categorise your listing. How easy is that?!

Measure | iOS, FREE 

You don’t need to go hunting too far to find this indispensable little tool; it’s baked into the newly-released iOS 12. But we thought it was worth a mention here simply for how cool it is. With Measure you simply point your iPhone or iPad in the direction of something you need to determine the length of, and it’ll use iOS’s clever augmented reality knowhow to give you an accurate measurement. The best bit? You can string together loads of measurements for complicated shapes, which will all stay locked in place as you move your device around.

Audible | Apple WatchOS, FREE

Got yourself a fancy new Apple Watch? If it’s become your new go-to workout wearable, you’ll be pleased to hear that Audible – Amazon’s behemoth audiobook listening service – has just landed on WatchOS. It comes as part of the update to WatchOS 5, which now allows third-party apps to play audio in the background. As you’d expect, the Apple Watch iteration of Audible connects to your account, surfacing all your available books and letting you play them aloud or via headphones. To find it, just head into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Happy listening!

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