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Is your home screen in need of a shakeup? Looking for apps that’ll breathe new life into your phone? We’ve got you covered with our monthly roundup of the best new digital downloads around.

For September, we’ve got apps that’ll help you avoid an accident on the road, create your own GIFs, sync notes from your Android phone to your desktop, and much more. Let’s explore…

Ouvos | Android, iOS, FREE

For cyclists, busy roads can be a hazardous place. One dangerous intersection, pothole, or blind bend can be the difference between making it to work on time or making a trip to A&E, which is why this app is an absolute must for those who like to travel on two wheels. Ouvos is a community-based navigation app that allows cyclists to share real-time road conditions and receive hazard alerts. Reported hazards – like poor road conditions – are shown on your map, you’ll be alerted to new ones while you are riding. As an added bonus you can also track your speed, distance, and time traveled.

Momento – GIF Maker & Creator | Android, iOS, FREE + IAP

GIFs! Great, aren’t they? They can be funny, sad, sometimes shocking, but you know what they’re not? Yours. Animated GIFs are something you watch, but more often than not, they’re somebody else’s creation. Well, not anymore, thanks to Momento! Momento’s smart detection algorithm automatically creates beautiful – or funny – GIFs from the photos and videos in your phone’s gallery, which you can supercharge using filters, speed alterations, text, and more.

(Update) Yoga Inspired Fitness | Android, iOS, FREE + IAP

If you’re interested in keeping fit, but not keen on pounding the streets or hitting the weights, maybe give yoga a try? It’s a great, low cost way to release stress, strengthen your core, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga Inspired Fitness is absolutely crammed with hundreds of tips, videos, and techniques – for both beginners and experts alike – on how to improve your fitness levels, increase flexibility, and get fit. While the app has been around for a while now, a recent update has added a whopping 60 new workouts, and includes a filter selection to find workouts based on your goals.

AutoPick | Android, FREE

Ever see an important piece of writing – in a textbook, cookbook, or contract, for example – and wish you could note it all down in your phone? AutoPick is the app for you. Simply load up the app, point your camera at the words in question, and the app will scan anything you’ve highlighted (with any colour pen) into digital form. Got all the right text? You can now edit, copy, and paste them anywhere you like. Maybe even into the next app on this list…

Notes by Firefox | Android, FREE

In today’s busy world, chances are you rely on digital notes (in some form or another) to keep track of things that need doing, important dates, or even passwords (tut tut ). Notes by Firefox is a simple, secure notepad app that lets you do just that, while also syncing with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Notes automatically sync between your Android device and Firefox for desktop using end-to-end encryption, letting you start a shopping list or jot down a brilliant idea on the go, and pick it up on your PC. It’s pretty no-frills as far as note-taking apps go, but that lightweight nature makes it perfect for speedily capturing your ideas.

(Update) Google Duo | Android, iOS, FREE

Duo – Google’s free video calling app – is the Android-maker’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime. And it’s a great alternative, offering high-quality video calling between devices at the touch of a button. One thing that has been sorely lacking, however, is tablet support. That’s until a brand new update, which has finally brought the app to both iPads and Android tablets alike, allowin for big-screen calls between devices and across mobile operating systems. Nice.

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