September's the month in which Apple traditionally lifts the veil on its latest and greatest iPhone. But what will be revealed this time? Check out these rumours from those in the know...

Last time Apple unveiled its iPhone lineup, we saw the shape of the mobile landscape change quite spectacularly with the debut of a stunning edge-to-edge display – and an accompanying chassis that broke a decade old design mould.

But that was last year, and that was iPhone X. So what’s on the cards for this year’s iPhone lineup? No-one knows for sure, but rumour is rife – check out our dedicated rumours page – among the world’s biggest tech sites. Without further ado, let’s dig in to 2018’s most tantalising new iPhone rumours…

2018 iPhone: Will the display be LCD or OLED?

Both, according to the rumours! Some sources claim that we’ll be treated to a trio of new devices this year; one with an LCD screen and another two with OLED. LCD panels are typically cheaper than OLED, and that – according to some – would suggest a more affordable iPhone is on the way to sit alongside two premium flagships of different sizes:

“Apple is expected to launch three new smartphones later this year: Two OLED models measuring in at 5.8 and 6.5 inches and a 6.1-inch lower-cost LCD model. All three are believed to feature Face ID and edge-to-edge displays,” writes MacRumors.

2018 iPhone: New camera technology?

With many manufacturers venturing into triple-lens territory, it’s Apple may be about to release a flagship phone with three cameras on the back, as Forbes writes:

“Apple’s triple lens setup is currently unknown, but it would make sense to copy Huawei’s approach of a monochrome camera aiding the primary and telephoto modules. This produced class-leading low light photography. Low light is also an area where Apple has struggled against rivals (one in particular) over recent years. Interestingly, I understand the second generation iPhone X will stick to two cameras so – once again – Apple will save its flagship photography for the largest (and most expensive) model.”

2018 iPhone: What will it be called?

This is all up in the air, with countless theories bouncing between sites. Theories suggest we could see an iPhone 9, iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus, iPhone XS, iPhone XI, even an iPhone 11… The Independent has this to say:

“Usually, working out what the next iPhone will be called is simple enough: if it doesn’t have an “s” after its number, you add one, and if it does already then you just increase the number by one.”

However, last year Apple changed tactics, skipping digits for a Roman numeral X, making this guessing game a little less logical, as the Independent continues: “It’s entirely likely that Apple will either throw off the naming scheme entirely – like it has done with its iPads, which are just called iPad or iPad Pro – or introduce some new kind of naming scheme.”

2018 iPhone: Performance

Expectations are always high for any succeeding device to outperform the last, and Apple’s new iPhone is no exception. Over the years, the Cupertino company has shown us just how much faster each new iPhone is than the last, so we can probably expect to see a new, beefier ‘A’ branded chipset to best the current generation’s A11 Bionic.

VenutreBeat suggests that we’ll see a definite, if not world-changing, evolution: “[Third-party benchmarking tool] Geekbench’s result browser shows the phone as having been tested last week [in July], and suggests that its ARM processor has similar characteristics to the A11 Bionic chip inside 2017 iPhones: But,” the site adds, “RAM has increased from 3GBto 4GB.”

2018 iPhone: Apple Pencil support?

Would you love to see the next iPhone have Apple Pencil or stylus support? Some would, as CNET details:

“The prediction comes from analysts at investment firm Rosenblatt Securities (via AppleInsider), who believe that a premium 2018 6.5-inch OLED iPhone (referred to as the iPhone X Plus) will support an ‘iPen’ device.”

Whether this refers to the existing Apple Pencil or something completely new is anyone’s guess, but this kind of input precision could put the device on par with the new Samsung Galaxy Note9, where the inbuilt S Pen is very much welcomed by power users.

2018 iPhone: How much will it cost?

With rumours swirling around about three new iPhones, there could be a number of price points to look at, especially if one of them is in fact a more wallet-friendly option:

“Apple’s next iPhone update for 2018, according to the latest rumours, will see three new iPhone X-style handsets launched at the same time, including a larger iPhone X Plus and a cheaper LCD model,” writes MacWorld, stating that the prices could be $800-$900 for the 5.8in model, $900-$1,000 for the 6.5in model, and $600-$700 for the 6.1in LCD model.”

Typically speaking for iPhones, simply switching the $ for £ will give a rough indictation of price for the UK market. No need to figure out the conversion rates.

Whatever Apple unveils – and whenever – we’ll be there with all the details. Be sure to check out our dedicated ‘rumours’ page or sign up to hear about the latest iPhone when it’s finally unveiled – there’s even a chance for you win any phone of your choice!

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