Looking to catch up on all the latest news from your mobile, but want a balanced view? We're here to help...

When you’ve got some time to spare throughout your day, chances are you’ll probably whip out your phone and check the latest news and current affairs. But how do you know you’re getting the smartest takes and the freshest stories?

With a myriad news-reading apps out to do that very job, we’ve whittled them down and selected the ones that we think are truly worth your time. Here are today’s top headline-aggregating apps…

Google News | iOS, Android – FREE

To get an all-round view of the world, it’s important to get your news from a variety of sources so that you don’t fall prey to the echo chamber effect. And, as a smart, AI-powered news aggregator, Google News gives you a spread of the local and global news at a glance.

It’s daily briefing section flashes the top headlines and images at you much like a real-life newsstand would. However, if you want to dig a little deeper into specific topics, there’s the option for that, too – just tap the little newspaper symbol and you’ll be able to see a host of different views on the subject at hand.

The best thing is that the more you use Google News, the more it learns what interests you, and over time it’ll deliver more of that topic to your phone. You can also save stories for later to read when you’re offline, if you wish.

Apple News | iOS – FREE

Apple News, as you’d expect from the Cupertino tech company, is super clean and stylish, with your favourite topics and news sources (as defined by you on setup) being beamed directly to your pocket. It’s also preloaded onto iOS devices, so there’s no need to download it.

The news feed is heavily driven by images and videos, letting you peruse the top stories or browse channels and topics at a glance before diving in.

Thankfully, Apple knows that not everybody is interested in absolutely everything. Want to stop seeing a particular type of story? Swipe right on the story and tap ‘dislike’. You’ll see fewer of those. Like other types of stories? Swipe left and tap ‘love’. Easy! Viewing on iPad? Be on the lookout for the redesigned Apple News app landing with iOS 12, which will be even easier to get around. The app is also coming to Mac OS in the Autumn.

News360 | iOS, Android – FREE

News 360 looks amazing, is full of rich content, and pulls in news stories from a variety of places, letting you totally tailor the app to your interests.

Local and global news are delivered into a single, scrollable feed alongside specific interests, and – as you read – News360 will learn what you’re into, which will help it deliver smarter content every day. So, the more you read, the better the experience.

Oh, got yourself an Apple Watch? You can also catch up on the News360 news on there, too. That’s what we call news at a glance!

Inkl | iOS, Android – FREE + Subscription

If you’re used to browsing news sites online, you’re probably familiar with paywalls. They may be a necessary evil as print media declines, but they’re not ideal if you want to get your news from a variety of sources. That’s where Inkl comes in.

It aims to connect the dots between various news sites by asking for a single monthly subscription that takes care of paywalls everywhere, while also steering you well clear of clickbait.

That way you get top quality journalism, without ads, from a raft of the world’s best papers and sites – and even the ability to dive in and compare different viewpoints – all in one place. At your desk? Inkl can also send a morning digest straight to your email . Smart.

Reddit | iOS, Android – FREE

Reddit is more commonly seen as the best place to get access to funny cat gifs and memes, but it’s also now a pretty excellent news aggregator in its own right thanks to a cool feature in the official app.

At the top of the app’s homepage you’ll see three tabs. By default, it’ll open on the middle one – your Home feed, comprised of the hottest posts from your chosen subreddit communities. But to the left of that is the News tab, which lets you filter by topic to see the latest news from around the world. What’s great about this is the thriving comments section for each story, which brings a kind of crowd-sourced balance in opinion to every headline.

Feedly | iOS, Android – FREE

Feedly is a bit different to the other news apps out there, but it’s a good one nonetheless. Yes, you can still catch up on your daily news sources, but it also provides access to your favourite YouTube channels and blogs, making this a one-stop-shop for catching up on all of your news.

That’s because Feedly is, at heart, an RSS reader. Simply find your favourite sites’ feed addresses, add them, and you’re away! In all, Feedly connects to more than 40 million feeds, making this as rich, broad, or as niche as you could possibly want. Why not add blog.vodafone.co.uk/feed while you’re at it?

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