Ready for your next big adventure? All geared up to face the elements? Here's why the new Land Rover Explore could be the perfect smartphone for you...

Consider yourself an outdoorsy type? Always looking for your next big adventure? If so, we’ve got the phone for you: the awesome new Land Rover Explore – a smartphone built from the ground up to be a nature-lover’s best friend.

But what makes it so ready for the elements, and why is it a digital nomad’s dream device? Read on for everything you need to know…

Built to last

It all starts with battery. Lots and lots of battery. As anyone who’s ever taken their phone out on a long trek will know, snapping pics, using GPS and listening to awe-inspiring music all take their toll on a phone’s precious juice. That’s why the Land Rover Explore packs in a huge 4,000mAh cell, ensuring it’ll never miss a moment of your travels.

But it gets better. That monster battery can be almost doubled in an instant with the included Adventure Pack – a magnetic clip-on attachment that brings an extra 3,600mAh along for the ride. That pack also squeezes in an advanced GPS antenna for super-close tracking, and premium topographic mapping with Skyline augmented reality, courtesy of ViewRanger.

That already puts it head and shoulders above other outdoorsy phones, but there’s loads more besides battery and mapping to the Explore’s arsenal.

For a start, the phone is IP68 water and dust-resistant, meaning it’ll take a dunk without trouble. But it’s also resistant to extreme temperatures, thermal shock, humidity, and drops of up to 1.8 metres, ranking it among the world’s hardiest phones.

That rugged casing is built around a tough-as-nails 5-inch Gorilla Glass display, too – one you can use in the rain and with gloves on – and wrapped around a meaty Deca-core 2.6GHz MTK Helio X27 processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage. And that’s great news, because it means the Explore can hold its own in terms of productivity as well as durability.

If you love to take snaps of your trips, you’re in luck there too – the Land Rover Explore sports a hugely capable 16-Megapixel rear camera, and an 8-Megapixel selfie cam.

But the best news of all? It’s available right now at Vodafone UK, and it’s included in our summer sale – where you’ll grab five times the data at no extra cost!

That means you can pick up your Land Rover Explore for just £49 up front, for £49 per month, with a whopping 50GB of monthly data! Just don’t forget to send us some photos of your next hike.

Grab yours now! If all that makes the Land Rover Explore sound like your dream travelling partner, you can order yours here.