You may have your wellies on and your tent in tow, but you're not fully ready for a summer of live music without these essential Festival apps...

Are you readying yourself for a long weekend away with friends, the (unusually balmy) British weather, and some of your favourite bands? You’re not alone; festival season is in full swing, with hundreds of thousands of us heading off to remote country fields to party.

With the likes of Creamfields, Bestival, RiZE, and Reading & Leeds all coming up, we thought it’d be a good time to take a quick tour of the best festival apps around. Here are the digital tools that’ll help you stay safe, keep connected, and boost your festival fun…

Dark Sky | £3.99/Free, iOS and Android

Dark Sky’s one of the best weather apps out there because it focuses on doing one thing really well: letting you know when it’s going to rain in your area. And when we say ‘your area’, we mean it: the app uses hyper-local data to produce scarily accurate predictions. In short? If it says it’s going to rain, you’d best go get your wellies.

Google Maps | Free, iOS and Android

We know; chances are you already have this one installed, but have you used its relatively new Location Sharing feature? Nestled in the side menu bar, it lets you beam your live location to any number of contacts, either indefinitely or for a set time period – perfect for those times when the crowd splits you and your pals.

Tent Finder | Free, iOS and Android

This is a veritable toolbox of festival-friendly bits and bobs, but the main reason Tent Finder is in this list is because of its headline feature. With it you can mark things like your tent, stages or nearest toilets, then walk towards those markers using either GPS or the inbuilt compass. Genius.

Daily Water & Water Drink Reminder | Free, iOS and Android

Two apps to choose from here – one for iOS and one for Android – which both do similar jobs: reminding you to be just a tiny bit sensible and drink your recommended dosage of water. Both apps feature reminder notifications and tracking, with addictive stats that might just keep you using it long after you’ve showered off all the mud.

Brolly | Free, iOS and Android

We all know things can go walkabout during festivals, but when you’re camping it’s difficult to keep your personal belongings 100% safe. That’s why it’s probably worth investing in some insurance for things like your phone. Brolly is a cool new way to do just that, acting as a digital locker for all your insurance policies, and letting you browse for new ones as and when you’re due for renewal.

First Aid by British Red Cross | Free, iOS and Android

Chances are you’ll have a cracking time without incident, but it never hurts to be prepared, should somebody get hurt. The Red Cross’s encyclopedic first aid app can help, since it offers a wealth of info, videos and step-by-step guides covering just about every minor and major medical incident you can think of.

Shazam | Free, iOS and Android

You may have gone to your festival of choice to see an all-time favourite band, but it’s often the unknown acts that surprise us most. The only trouble? Figuring out what that amazing, anthemic song they played halfway through the set was. With Shazam, you need only hold your phone aloft and let it listen – it’ll hunt down the song in question, along with where you can stream it.

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