Fingers feeling twitchy? Desperate to download some new apps? We've got some ideas for you this August...

It’s no secret that the App Store and Google Play are filled to the brim with fun, exciting, or interesting apps. But, going through them all? It’s a near-impossible task – which is why we’re here to help on a monthly basis! Each month we sift through the new and noteworthy to bring you the choicest cuts of mobile software.

For August, we’ve got apps that help you discover new music events, identify plants in your garden, and learn how to code. Time to take a look…

FreePrints Photo Tiles | Android & iOS, FREE

We all take photos using our smartphones, but we bet yours just sit there, gathering digital dust – bar the few you’re uploading to your social accounts, of course? But what about physical photos, ones you can hold? Remember those?

With this app, you can get your favorite photos off your phone printed onto a photo panel, and delivered to your door super easily, ready to hang on your wall or pass around to loved ones. Sign up, and you’ll receive one free photo tile a month for your troubles – all you pay for is delivery. You can buy more, of course, for £8 each.

Jukely Concerts | Android & iOS, FREE + Subscription £25/month

If you love going to gigs, festivals and concerts, then you might want to try Jukely – a new app designed to pop your name down on the guest list to any of its hundreds of events across 16 cities.

While the app is free to download and explore, you’ll need to subscribe for £25 a month in order to take full advantage of what Jukely has to offer. That may seem steep, but it’s not a bad price considering it takes the usual fees for attending out of the equation. Be sure to check every morning for any last-minute shows.

CARROT Weather | Android & iOS, FREE + IAP

A hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment is the weather: when will the heatwave end?! While this app can’t make that happen any faster – we can be prepared when it does.

It’s been available for a while  on iOS, but CARROT Weather has finally arrived on Android. The simple, easy-on-the-eye weather forecasts on offer here make it a breeze to know what’s coming up, but it’s the apps’ inbuilt AI character that makes things a little different. It’ll give you a peppering of ‘snarky’ comments along with the weather report, with some leaving you feeling left out in the cold, and some comments giving you shade.

GardenTagsPlants & gardens | Android & iOS, FREE

While the sun’s been beating down on this fair land over the past couple months, chances are that the plants in your garden have either bloomed or withered. Want some inspiration on what to do next with your outside space? Check out GardenTags.

With a growing community of 100,000+ gardeners, you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from some top green-fingered advice. Plus, GardenTags’ clever “Help me identify my plant” feature makes it easy to find out what’s growing in your garden. Just point the in-app camera at a leaf, click, and the plant should be identified.

HouseTagz | Android & iOS, FREE

Similar name, completely different app. HouseTagz is all about buying home furnishings from images posted by fellow users. Peruse inspiring interiors and click on the blue tag for any item you like the look of, and the app will show you exactly where it came from and how much it costs.

Wanna show off your ‘on trend’ living space? You can upload shots straight from your phone’s camera, and then add in the relevant info for anything pictured – from your antique coffee table to your ‘Duck Egg’ paint.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free | Android & iOS, FREE

Forget French, Spanish, or German; many would argue that the most valuable languages to learn for the future all involve 1s and 0s – and for that you’ll need to know how to code. Fortunately, there’s a new app designed for exactly that purpose, called SoloLearn.

SoloLearn has the largest in-app collection of free code learning content – for both beginners and professionals– and with a like-minded community that’s always on hand to help, there’s a whole lot of knowledge at your fingertips. The only question? Will you opt to learn Python, Java, C++, Ruby, Swift, or one of the many other coding languages on offer? Either way, it’s time to get compiling some functions.

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