If this summer's scorching weather's proving too hot to handle, draw the curtains, sit back, and binge on some of these top TV shows...

The kids are off from school for what seems like forever, you’ve got some down time, and there are always so many TV shows you want to catch up on that you don’t know where to start.

Take a breather; we’ve done the leg work for you and plucked out our top ten new and upcoming favourites that we think are worth a watch – with something to suit everyone.

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Now, without further ado, let’s jump in…

Westworld: Season 2 | NOW TV Entertainment – available now

Westworld is a theme park for adults, but instead of rollercoasters and hosts in padded animal costumes, the hosts here are realistic artificial beings – robots – there to enable wild west adventures, gunfights, and absolutely anything else you want to do without fear of consequence.

But what happens when these robots break free from their pre-programmed confines and start their bid for freedom? Chaos, that’s what. Season 2 picks up where the now unleashed hosts left off – taking their artificial-lives back.

Sick Note: Season 2 | NOW TV Entertainment – 26 July

Early in season one of Sky’s brilliant dark comedy, Sick Note, Daniel – played by Rupert Grint (famed for his role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter) – is diagnosed with cancer – only to quickly discover that the doctor made a mistake. The rub? He’s already told everyone he’s ill, and notices that everybody treats him better.

Instead of confessing to the mistake, the spiral of lies that follow make matters much worse for Daniel. There’s no trailer yet for season 2, but it’s confirmed that Lindsay Lohan will be joining the cast!

Orange is the New Black: Season 6 | Netflix – 27 July

Yes! OITNB is back – finally! During season 5, we saw the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary involved in a riot, which involved plenty of noise, chaos, and some of the inmates hunkered down in the old swimming pool.

During that season, the inmates were subjected to abuse from new prison guards, but one in particular, Piscatella, caused much of the trouble. However, (and spoiler alert), as the prison got stormed by CERT officers, Piscatella got shot and killed.

As a result, all inmates were removed and have been sent to new prisons, which is where we start this new season…

The Crossing | Amazon Prime Video – available now

Imagine finding a body on the shoreline. Then finding another. And another. Before you know it, you’re counting dozens; hundreds are dead, but some survived. In this mysterious tale, the local sheriff assumes they’re refugees from a crashed boat, but that’s far from the truth.

The survivors claim that they are refugees, but not from another place. These guys are from 180 years in the future, they’re escaping an evolved race of humans called the ‘Apex’. Yep, we’re intrigued too.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man: Season 3 | NOW TV Entertainment – available now

Having a superpower would be a wonderful thing, but which one would you want? Invisibility? The ability to fly? How about reading people’s minds? All very cool. But, for murder squad detective Harry Clayton (played by James Nesbitt), he’s granted the power to control luck itself – hence the title.

While he may not have the ability to manhandle people, objects or events directly, he can influence them and play favourably against all odds – super-useful for somebody who wants to solve crimes while also nurturing a gambling addiction. Season three is available now.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee| Netflix – available now

What is it about a known funnyman sitting in a car with celebs that people love so much? The format’s found surprising success of late, and – while this one doesn’t have any singing – it does boast Jerry Seinfeld and a whole load of other comedy heavyweights heading out for coffee.

Guaranteed funny moments, all in served up in pleasingly digestible 15-20-minute episodes.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan | Amazon Prime Video – 31 August

This Amazon Original series follows CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, played in this interpretation by John Krasinski – best known as Jim in the US version of The Office.

What starts as a nice little desk job soon spirals into a full-blown spy thriller as Jack stumbles upon a suspicious series of bank transfers, sparking an investigation that takes him across Europe and the Middle East – where he discovers preparations for a massive attack against the US and its allies.

The Affair: Season 4 | NOW TV Entertainment – available now

Being attracted to someone new is one thing, but when you’re married and start an affair, it’s inevitable that people will get hurt. And in this show, people really, really get hurt. Permanently so, if you catch our drift.

But, as this clever drama explores, there are often many sides to a story. Here we get an affair laid bare, shaped and twisted from different perspectives until you’re left questioning just about everything. A riveting watch, for sure.

Disenchantment | Netflix – 17 Aug

Matt Groening’s been on the scene for years now, creating awesome, iconic shows such as The Simpsons and Futurama, and now he’s finally back with a new, much-anticipated project: Disenchantment.

As you can see by the teaser below, Disenchantment looks similar in style to his previous creations, but this time we’re going medieval! Get set to join Bean (an alcoholic princess), Elfo (her elf companion), and Luci (Bean’s personal demon) as they stir up trouble in the kingdom of Dreamland.

Tumble Leaf | Amazon Prime Video – available now

Aimed at preschoolers, ‘Amazon Original’ Tumble Leaf heads into its fourth season in July, with seasons 1-3 ready to be enjoyed when you are. This series of short animations sees Fig (a plucky blue fox), explore the world, discover new friendships, and get up to mischief in scenarios designed to promote play and show the fun of learning. Wholesome stuff.

There we have it, plenty to sink your eyeballs into this summer. Enjoy!

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