Lights, camera, action! Love making movies? This round-up of video editing apps has everything you need to become a smartphone Scorsese or a tablet Tarantino...

A picture says a thousand words, right? Well, make a movie, and you can say exactly what you want! Add some effects, some music, and suddenly you’ve got something way more powerful than a photo. And the best news is, you can now do all of that on your phone or tablet!

Don’t believe us? Check out our top-five video editing apps below, and you’ll be on your way to Hollywood in no time*.

1. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor | iOS, Android, FREE + IAP

With this app you can mix both your photos and videos into a single clip in a snap. Handily though, these don’t have to be stored locally on your device; they can be directly imported from the likes of Facebook or Instagram.

As well as trimming video lengths, changing play speeds, and adding text and titles, you can also save time by using FilmoraGo’s stylish pre-made themes, catchy soundtracks, and motion graphics to create something Oscar-worthy. Oh, and you can save them to a square, 1:1 ratio, too – good news for the social media-savvy!

2. PowerDirector Video Editor App: 4K, Slow Mo & More |, Android, FREE + IAP

While PowerDirector has been around for a good few years, its regular updates bring in new features that make it a solid moviemaking app capable of today’s mobile photography and videography demands.

It features multiple track timeline video editing – letting you chop and change between multiple clips with ease – as well as background editing (providing you’ve got a green screen), smooth transitions, and voice over effects. You can also produce slow motion videos even if your phone doesn’t have the feature as standard, which is a handy workaround for those wanting to play with slow-mo. Oh, and it also supports 4K, too.

3. Magisto | iOS, Android, FREE +IAP

Magisto claims that you can create a top-notch video in three easy steps: select an editing style, choose your photos and videos, and pick some music. Viola! It’s as easy as that. You don’t need to do anything else, as this app does all the leg work for you. That may mean that there’s no tweaking of this and polishing of that, but you will be left with a great little clip that’s perfectly shareable. With the free package you’ll only be able to make clips of up-to one minute long, which means Magisto lends itself more to punchy little clips than cinematic epics. Want longer vids? You’ll need to subscribe.

4. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor | iOS, Android, FREE trial, Subscription (£2.91 a month, £23.25 a year)

Designed for both professionals and amateurs, KineMaster gives you access to loads of tools to create the perfect video. The standout feature here is the addition of ‘Handwriting layers’, which make it easy to draw directly on your video – handy (pun intended) for storyboarding. Frame-by-frame trimming, meanwhile, means you can be super-accurate, while the volume ‘envelope’ allows for volume control from moment to moment within a clip.

5. LumaFusion | iOS, £19.99

Described as the ‘most powerful multi-track video editor ever’ by the developers, this app is used by journalists, filmmakers, and professional video producers alike. And with good reason – it’s seriously powerful, offering just about every feature you’d find in something like Final Cut on desktop, all squeezed into your iPhone or iPad.

Throw in your clips, add some cool transitions (dissolve, anyone?), auto-duck the audio (that’s reduce background music during dialogue, to you and me), and you’re ready to roll. There’s a lot to get to grips with here, but that only means your skills have got plenty of room to grow.

There you have it: five video editing apps that’ll help you turn your video clips or photos into something more magical or entertaining. Now, time to make yours in 3, 2, …

*We can’t promise Hollywood fame and fortune. Your mileage may vary.

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