V by Vodafone is expanding! Find out how our latest IoT products can help keep the people and things in your life safe and sound...

What makes the internet of things so exciting? To us, it’s not talking fridges or Twitter-enabled toasters; it’s the fact that smarter, better-connected and low cost devices in the home and on your wrist have the ability to bring a whole new level of peace of mind to your world.

That’s why we’re expanding our ‘V by Vodafone’ range of always-connected IoT tech with the addition of V-Kids Watch, V-SOS Band and V-Home – three awesome new devices designed with your family’s safety and security in mind. Here’s what you need to know…

Meaningful connections

“I think there’s no doubt that connected products like those in our ‘V by Vodafone’ range will be more and more common in the future,” says Vodafone UK’s Kate Wright, Head of Consumer Services and Innovation.

“By 2022, we’ll have a whopping 50+ connected devices in each household*, so there’s no question that’s the case. But what we’re focussing on now are those devices where the customer need is really clear and obvious.

“The essence of V by Vodafone is about being closer to the people and things you care about most, having greater peace of mind and focussing on areas in which we can really make a difference.”

And that’s where our new products come in. Aimed at keeping your loved ones and your home safe and sound, they’re low cost, effortless solutions for the IoT age that all work with our V by Vodafone app. Here’s what’s on offer:

V-Kids Watch | £135 and £4 per month

Since launching our V-Bag smart clip for backpacks, we’ve heard loads of stories from people who’re using theirs to look after something a bit more precious: their kids! That’s why we’ve worked with our partner, TCL to offer V-Kids Watch, a dedicated smart watch that lets parents watch over their young ones’ whereabouts.

Designed to be something kids aged 4-12 will love wearing, each V-Kids Watch packs in GPS tracking and communication tech that’ll let you set specific geographic safe zones and receive an SOS with the press of a single button. Alongside that, there are fun games and voice messaging capabilities, so you can keep in touch with members of the family.

V-SOS Band | £78 and £4 per month

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As our parents get older, we sometimes worry about their safety. Thankfully, in the age of IoT you needn’t be there 24/7 to still be sure that your loved ones are ok. Enter: V-SOS Band, a super discreet wristband aimed at the more vulnerable adults in your life.

As the name suggests, V- SOS Band lets the wearer fire off a simple SOS alert with one-button, as well as sending notifications when it auto-detects a fall, or if the battery – which lasts for a full month on a charge – dips below 15%. It’s a simple, elegant way to help spread peace of mind, and one that’s leaps ahead of similar, non-cellular solutions.

Coming soon: V-Home | £99 and £14 per month

If your home is your castle, you’ll no doubt want to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep it safe. V-Home, in conjunction with Samsung’s SmartThings, can help you on that front, offering camera monitoring, motion sensing and alarm capabilities.

V-Home comes with a security camera, a multi-sensor, an indoor siren and the Samsung SmartThings Hub, which gifts access to real time monitoring. What’s more, you can add up to 10 cameras and as many sensors as you like – including ones for smoke and leaks. If an incident happens, you’ll be sent a notification direct to your phone. Then, if you miss that, our 24/7 team will call you or your designated contacts, ensuring you’re aware of what’s going on at home.

Smart and simple at the same time

Together with the rest of the range, we think these new V by Vodafone products help form an all-encompassing Internet of Things package when it comes to keeping the people and things you love safe and secure.

It’s why, at every turn, we’ve tried to make these devices simple to use, easy on the eye, and reliable. They don’t need heaps of complicated setup steps, they’re always connected to our best ever network, and you can choose to start and stop your monthly subscription at any time. And, most importantly, they all interact with the V by Vodafone app, which acts as your portal to every one of our IoT devices.

Download the “V by Vodafone” app on your phone!
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“Whilst we’re moving into wearables and smart home tech with these products,” Kate explains, “it’s more about figuring out what the needs of the customer are rather than just following trends.

“We’re thinking about how we can best help people stay close, or protect the people and things that are most important to them. That’s what’s driving our focus here,”

Drive smarter and keep your pets safer… Find out more about the V by Vodafone range here, and see the full range here.


*Source: OECD Digital Economy Outlook and GSMA Connected Living Report