We're making it easier and more worry-free than ever to join Vodafone UK! Here's what you need to know about our new, no-nonsense 30-day Service Guarantee...

We’re always working hard to ensure that our ‘most reliable network ever’ strap-line lives up to its name. And, likewise, we’ve been making great leaps with our customer service over the past 18 months.

So much so in fact, that we thought it was time to back up our big improvements with a big promise: if you join or upgrade with us and you’re not totally happy within 30 days, you can cancel with no quibbles. It’s called our 30-day Service Guarantee, it’s a UK network first, and here’s what you need to know…

Peace of mind on Pay monthly

Up until now, our existing 30-day Network Satisfaction Guarantee has meant that anyone who didn’t experience great mobile and data reception within that first month could cancel their contract without worry. It’s been a great way for us to help you get what you expect from your network. But now we want to go a step further.

And so, in the spirit of helping you sleep easy, our new 30-day Service Guarantee goes one further by extending that promise to any aspect of your new contract. Whether you experience unusually poor signal, have trouble with customer services, or even don’t get on with your new device, you can cancel – no questions asked. And that’s something that no other UK network offers on all their contracts – 30 days is over double the length of time you’ll get elsewhere!

As long as you’re still within those first 30 days, all you need to do is give us a ring or pop into a store, and we’ll cancel your contract. You’ll need to return your device and pay any unpaid line rental up to the end of that first month – as well as any out-of-bundle charges – but other than that there won’t be any nasty fees; you’ll be good to go!

It’s a great way to ensure you get peace of mind when joining or upgrading on Vodafone UK Pay monthly, and it means there’s really no risk, should you be brand new to our network.

Making the best even better

Of course, we think you’ll be really happy with us, because we’ve recently been making huge strides with both our network and everything customer care-related, as well as adding even more value with extra entertainment options. Here are five ways we’ve made being with Vodafone better than ever:

1. We’ve upped our digital game:
You can contact us in the way that works best for you – whenever and wherever. You can get support 24/7 through the My Vodafone app or your desktop, and can now even reach us through Alexa or Google Assistant.

2. TOBi our AI chatbot
Our smart helper TOBi has been busy cutting customer journeys by up to 50%. You can use TOBi to purchase a SIM only plan, get advice on roaming, and answer queries about your account like how much your bill is, or how much data you have left. Soon he’ll even be able to help you choose and purchase a device – quickly, simply and in your own time!

3. We’ve hired more call centre staff
Because we know a lot of people still like to pick up the phone, we’re creating more UK-based call centre jobs, to ensure that there’s always someone at the end of the line whenever you need us.

4. We’ve got future-proof security
Advanced biometric voice-recognition software is now in place if you phone us – meaning speedy and secure access to your account.

5. We’re on hand to help
The ‘Vodafone Tech Team’ is what we call our friendly in-store experts. They can explain all the tech we have on offer, tailor things to your needs, and even run special sessions for young people getting their first phone – with advice on staying safe online and using devices responsibly.

So there you have it: an extra layer of certainty when it comes to kicking off your new contract – one that no other UK network offers – and another step on our journey when it comes to giving you more value, better service, and even more choice!

Did you know you can contact us with Alexa? Find out how Amazon’s smart assistant can help you get more from your Vodafone account.