We’re back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this June…

The weather’s getting (ever so slightly) better, people’s spirits are lifting, and the beach holidays are just around the corner: it’s June, which means we’re rolling into summer! So why not celebrate that ‘new season’ feeling with some fresh new apps for your homescreen?

We’ve been scouring the App Store and Google Play to find the very best in new and updated apps for June, and these are our picks for cream of the crop…

Jurassic World Alive | Free, iOS and Android

Probably the easiest way to describe this tie-in game for the brand new Jurassic Park movie is ‘Pokemon Go!, but with dinosaurs.’ But that’s to its credit: Jurassic World Alive makes great use of your phone’s AR capabilities, as you traverse your dino-infested neighbourhood on the hunt for new species. Once you’ve collected a bunch you can mix their DNA, create a new breed, and send them into battle!

NBA AR | Free, iOS and Android

Another new app that puts your phone’s augmented reality chops to good use, the ‘360 portals’ found in the NBA’s newest digital offering are an amazing experience for basketball fans who want to feel like they’re courtside. Simply open the app, throw down a virtual door wherever you are, and step through onto the court.

Google Lens | Free, Android

Google Lens – its ingenious AI-powered image searching tool – comes baked into a bunch of modern Android phones, but now anyone can get in on the action thanks to a standalone app version. Just take a snap and open it in the app, and Google will bring you a wealth of information about what it sees, whether that’s how best to buy a certain book you’ve seen in a store, the menu for a restaurant, or what breed of dog you’re looking at.

Google News | Free, iOS and Android

Google’s latest News app comes with a raft of smart new features – including AI-driven recommendation. In practice, this means you get a personalised daily briefing with added context, as stories are cleverly compiled from a range of sources. As Google puts it: “Google News understands the people, places and things involved in a story as it evolves, and connects how they relate to one another.”

HSBC Connected Money | Free, iOS

A first for UK banks, HSBC’s ‘Connected Money’ tool lets you see all your accounts in one place, regardless of which banks you keep your cash with. The aim is to shine a light on your outgoings, let you know how much you’ll have left after bills, and help you save a bit more than you would otherwise.

Steam Link | Free, Android

Steam, the PC gaming world’s biggest online store, has landed on mobile in ambitious style with a new app that’ll let you play your PC games right on your Android phone or tablet. With everything installed, and as long as you’re on the same WiFi network as your host PC, you’ll be able to fire up your games and play them on your phone using a Bluetooth Controller. Take that, Angry Birds.

Active 10 | Free, iOS and Android

We all know moving around is better than sitting still, but did you know that the way you walk might be more important than how far you travel? Active 10, a new app from the NHS, encourages people to forget about the 10,000 steps goal, and instead track just 10 minutes a day of brisk walking, which it claims offers real benefits for the body. Give it a go, get walking, and see how you’re doing compared to the people in Active 10’s burgeoning community.

(Update) Philips Hue | Free, iOS and Android

Philips has just dropped major update to its Hue smart lighting app, bringing the biggest change in user experience since its inception. Naturally, you can still use it to control all the lights and connected Hue devices in your home, but now everything has been streamlined to put each feature within easier reach. There’s also over 30 new ‘scenes’ created by Philips’ own ‘lighting designers’, meaning you’ll always be able to set the perfect mood.

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