Thousands of you have already downloaded DreamLab, making a huge difference to the world of cancer research. But we're just getting started...

We’re delighted with how DreamLab has been received and the amount of people who are now going to #SleepLikeAHero by speeding up cancer research in their sleep!

In fact, we’re celebrating a huge DreamLab milestone: we’ve had over 24,000 downloads of the app already, and you’ve already helped to crunch over 206,000 calculations for Project DRUGS (Drug Repositioning Using Grids of Smartphones) – an awesome effort!

A legion of legends in the land of nod

Install DreamLab on your phone and you’ll instantly make your device one part of a giant, virtual supercomputer, crunching numbers in potentially game-changing research projects to help improve cancer treatment.

And that’s no exaggeration: one PC running 24-hours a day would need 300 years to process the same amount of data that 100,000 DreamLab-equipped smartphones could do in just three months’ worth of sleeps!

Your device just needs to be plugged in overnight and DreamLab will do the hard work for you, meaning you can do good while you #SleepLikeAHero.

Tens of thousands of users have already got involved, but the more people that use the app the faster the research can be carried out. We’ve heard from some users that sometimes calculations are running a little slowly or not registering; this feedback has been really helpful, and we’re already working hard in the background to fix this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please keep on crunching, because even one or two calculations help in solving the big puzzle!

If you haven’t already downloaded DreamLab, why not grab it for yourself and join the cause today?

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With thousands of downloads already in the bag, DreamLab is starting to make a real difference to the researchers at Imperial College. And the best bit? Once you’ve got it installed, the only thing you need to do to help is plug your phone in and hit the hay!

Tech for good… Stay tuned for more about the app soon, including an in-depth look at how the technology works, and exactly how all those crunched numbers are helping to make cancer history.