We’re back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this May… 

With the weather still well and truly undecidedly British, there are still plenty of opportunities to kick back and enjoy some indoor downtime with your phone. Here are the best new apps and games that’ll let you do just that.

DreamLab | iOS, Android, FREE

It’s hard to imagine life without your smartphone but every night while your sleeping, it just sits idly doing next to nothing. What if we told you that your phone could help the fight against cancer? That’d be amazing, right? Well, now it can – with DreamLab.

The DreamLab app supports Imperial College London’s Project DRUGS (Drug Repositioning Using Grids of Smartphones) research to analyse billions of combinations of existing cancer drugs, and potentially help to identify more effective combinations of existing drugs to treat cancer.

Before you go to sleep, plug in your phone to charge, press the ‘Power DreamLab’ button, and let your phone process the data, which is free to Vodafone customers or those using Wi-Fi. Put your phone to good use and #SleepLikeAHero.

We’ve got more details about the app, here.

My Oasis Relaxing Sanctuary | iOS, Android, FREE

Some games are designed to get your heart racing, some fill you with frustration (more on that later), but this one is all about serenity. My Oasis is your own peaceful place, away from the craziness of the real world.

At the start of this game, you’re the proud owner of a little floating island covered in sand. As you collect hearts and listen to the tranquil music, you get to evolve your oasis to include plants and animals such as trees, grass, foxes, and even a lion. Currently, we’re on Oasis level 300, which means we also have a moose wandering around, living happily with the other animals. There’s no food chain, here.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy | iOS, Android, £4.99

Remember we mentioned that some games are designed to be frustrating? This is definitely – and intentionally – one of those games. In this game, you’re a guy stuck in a pot. You never get out of this pot, but you do have a large hammer that you can swing around as wildly as you like. Use it to grab onto trees, rocks, anything, and drag yourself along and up an enormous mountain.

You can’t click save, but you can fall down the mountain and lose all your progress. But when you do make some headway, the satisfaction is immense!

Craft Warriors | iOS, Android, FREE

Like all typical army games, this one has you fighting an opposing team in the hope of survival. As you defeat your enemies and plunder their resources, you’ll be able to strengthen your own town and army, which should help massively when they come pounding at your doors with their swords held high.

One difference in this game compared to other similar games is that there’s a nice level of customization on offer, so you can have your army looking precisely how you like.

The Room: Old Sins | iOS, Android, £4.99

Escape rooms are all the rage right now, and this is one you can keep in your pocket. An ambitious engineer and his high-society wife have disappeared, which leads you on a path of mystery to an attic containing a dollhouse… They’re always creepy, especially in at attic.

Follow obscure clues, solve perplexing puzzles, and examine absolutely everything in this glorious-looking game.

Peanut – Moms, Meet | iOS, Android, FREE

Built for mothers, Peanut is all about helping mums to connect and learn from like-minded women, togive them the support they may need. Having issues with sleeping? Seek advice… Feeling guilty about going back to work? You’re not alone… Looking for a local meet up? Find or create one! It’s like an international motherly coffee morning in your pocket.

Mapillary Street-Level Imagery | iOS, Android, FREE

If you like Google Street View but also like the open-source ideology, take a look at Mapillary – a collaborative street-level imagery platform. With this, you can use your smartphone to take photos of your surrounds and upload them to the Mapillary network to create the freshest street-level imagery possible. Computer vision is used to detect objects in the photos, such as traffic lights, buildings, cars, and helps to generate map data that’s available to everybody. Nice.

That’s it for another month, but we’ll be back with some more suggestions in June.

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