Always looking at other people's selfies with envy? Never fear, Victor Ng is here with the best tips on how to up your selfie game...

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We’re all guilty of taking a cheeky selfie or two, but are they as good as they could be? We talk to tech blogger and mobile photographer, Victor Ng (Instagram: belon1986), to find out how you too can capture the best possible pics for your profile with his top photography tips…

Introducing Victor

Victor is definitely a creative type when it comes to taking photos. While there are the obligatory coffee cup and legs-on-a-sun-lounger shots, there’s no doubt he’s got a keen eye for what makes a good photo and captures them in crisp detail.

The two photos below are completely different, but both gorgeous to look at. And both were taken on his Nokia smartphone.

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A post shared by Victor Ng (@belon1986) on

While Victor doesn’t take selfie after selfie like some other Instagram accounts where each duck-faced pic starts to look much like the next, his attention to detail does give him an edge. He identifies this as his favourite:

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That sky. Those buildings. That angle. Superb!

“I took this recently at Quarry Bay in Hong Kong. The architecture and buildings in the background are awesome,” explains Victor. “I like the way my eyes aren’t looking at the camera, and the HDR function of my phone gives proper exposure and makes the image look sharp.”

We like it too, but how can we follow suit?

Victor’s top selfie-taking considerations

As with most things, there’s never one hard and fast rule. What’s considered beautiful or creative is subjective. However, Victor suggests that a clear (not blurry) and natural-looking selfie is the best type:

“Firstly, consider the angle. Taking a selfie from a high angle could help make your face look slimmer,” he says.

We’ve tried it and have to agree. If you to look up at the sky, the skin on your face stretches tighter, whereas if you look down and touch you chin against your chest it all squashes up – rarely a good look.

“Lighting is always important,” continues Victor. “Try to take advantage of natural sunlight on your face. It will give you better colours and a more natural result. Also try to avoid shadows which could result in part of your face being hidden from view.

“If your phone has HDR, turn it on. HDR helps massively when taking a selfie when the light is behind you. It ensures your face has proper exposure while not ruining the background.

“Composition is also important when taking a selfie. For example, if you’re using a super wide angle camera, you don’t want to frame yourself at the corner or side as this tends to make your face look wider. Frame yourself nearer the middle of the shot.”

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Apps to help your selfie look better

One thing that’s great about perfecting your selfie, is that it can all be done on your smartphone. The photo, the editing, the sharing; it’s all there.

Once Victor has taken his selfie, there are a couple of go-to apps he always relies on to make his photos really shine.

Meitu | Android, iOS, FREE

“This app has plenty of filters and editing tools designed to beautify your face and skin tones. Not to mention you could reshape your chin and face width, etc., if you wanted.”

Snapseed | Android, iOS, FREE

“This is a powerful app and I use it to enhance the brightness and colours of my photos, making my selfies even clearer and more outstanding.”

“Practice makes perfect”

While choosing the right phone can be important to taking the perfect selfie, Victor says nothing beats hands-on experience.

“You’re going to get better results with a great selfie camera, however practice makes perfect.

“Take more selfies with different angles to find out the best angle for your face.

“Don’t over sharpen or go too heavy on the beautifying effects. Your selfie will look great in a more natural way.”

National Selfie Day!

21 June is National Selfie Day! We’re marking the occasion by rounding up some of the best, most important selfie photography tips into a quick, one-stop-shop video. Ready to take your selfies to the next level? Here’s everything you need to know, in just under a minute…

So there you go; by following these short top tips, you’ll be a selfie expert in no time. Give it a shot to see those likes rolling in… It’s time to believe in your #selfie!

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