Looking to get away this spring or summer? The phone in your pocket is the perfect traveling companion, providing you load it up with the right apps...

In case you hadn’t noticed – thanks to the recent Easter holiday washout – the weather’s on the turn and the colder months are behind us (fingers crossed). That makes now the perfect time to get that holiday in order or organise your travel plans.

Thankfully, your phone’s the perfect companion to help make all that easier, and potentially save you some money, too. Read on for the best apps and tech to help you on your way…

500px | Android, iOS, FREE

One of the first steps in most people’s holidays plans involves turning to brochures or websites to see glossy photos of exotic destinations, or even just some ideas of where to go next. If that’s you, you’ll want to check out the 500px app. Prepare to be inspired.

500px is a photo-sharing app, but it’s not photos from people in cafes sharing images of their lattes, it’s where amateur and professional photographers go to share their incredible work. And. They. Are. Beautiful.

Fancy yourself a sharp shooter? You can also join the community and share your snaps as well, making the most of member tools to help you perfect your craft.

Teletext Holidays – The Flight & Hotel Booking App on Android, and Teletext Holidays Travel Deals on iOS, FREE

Those of a certain age, will remember sitting in front of the TV flicking through the holiday listings on Teletext with the family, trying to find the perfect holiday package. It was no easy task on a text-based system – sadly, no poolside sunset photos. But it was certainly enjoyable. It’s time to bring it back!

While the changing times mean that original system is no longer in use, Teletext Holidays still exists and it’s among the top 10 online travel agents in the UK.

With thousands of cheap holiday deals to discover, you’re now just a finger-tap away from a sandy beach, a city break, or a cruise. Download the Teletext Holidays app and the world truly is your oyster!

Airbnb | Android, iOS, FREE

You’ve likely heard of or even used AirBnB to rent a room or home directly from a host in your destination. But did you know they now offer experiences as well, so you can live like a real local?

From photography lessons and cookery classes to concerts, walking tours and even hunting for truffles, AirBnB hosts are ready and waiting to share their world and give you a personal experience to remember.

Luckytrip | iOS, FREE

Not too sure where you want to go or fancy an adventure? Rather than sift through pages of accommodation and package deals, Luckytrip lets you throw caution to the wind as it picks a trip at random.

Once you’ve set your budget, tap the ‘Lucky’ button, and you’ll be presented with somewhere to go, somewhere to stay, and something to make you happy while you’re there. Who said holiday planning had to be hard?

App in the Air | Android, iOS, FREE

One of the stressful parts about travelling is keeping up-to-date with the flight information. Thankfully, there’s an app for that: this one!

Think of App in the Air as your personal flying assistant. It gives you real-time flight updates, airport navigation maps and tips, and lets you know of any gate changes.

Musement | Android, iOS, FREE

This app helps you “live like a local” by turning your phone into an exciting local city guide, packed with information about the best, most authentic and locally sourced attractions, restaurants, bars, neighbourhoods, concerts and more. It even lets you know where to get tickets, if required.

Covering 350 destinations around the world, from Milan to Dublin, Budapest, Naples, and more, there’s a whole raft of exciting things to discover, wherever you decide to stay.

Uber | Android, iOS, FREE

Once you’ve arrived at your new holiday destination, you’ll want to get around and explore. One way to do this is by using Uber, a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides that covers 500 cities worldwide.

Just open the app, tell it where you want to go, and wait for an Uber to come and pick you up. It knows where you are thanks to the GPS in your phone, which is awesome when you’re in a new country or city and not really sure where you are.

Not familiar with local currencies? Don’t worry about it. You can connect your PayPal and Uber accounts so that payments are made automatically.

Yahoo Weather | Android, iOS, FREE

Naturally, whenever you’re away you’re going to want to pay close attention to the weather, as you don’t want to get caught out in the rain in unfamiliar territory.

Yahoo Weather is a beautiful-looking weather app that features stunning photos that match the current weather conditions at your location. So, if you’re in San Francisco and it’s foggy, for example, you might see a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog. If it’s nighttime, you’ll see glossy nighttime photos.

Oh, and it also shows you the weather forecasts, a map of where you are, a wind and pressure chart, precipitation levels, and sunrise and sunset times – if you can force yourself to stop looking at the visuals that is.

Microsoft Translator | Android, iOS, FREE.

We’ve all been there. “I’ll have the egg and chips, please”, you say loudly and slowly only for the waiter to raise an eyebrow and shrug his shoulders.

Forget ordering through hand gestures, with dubious results. Instead, type the phrase into Microsoft Translator to show the waiter: “Tomaré el huevo y las patatas fritas, por favor,” or tap on the speaker icon to have your phone read it aloud.

What about those menus or signs? Struggling with those too? Tap the camera icon within the app to take a photo and the app will translate it all.

There we have it, a bundle of free apps that should make your holiday planning a bit easier and hopefully cheaper.

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