Huawei have just released their new P20 range and the camera tech’s been a huge focus (pardon the pun). Find out how the triple lens actually works and what it could mean for your photos…

Remember when phones had no cameras at all? Now the Huawei P20 Pro has four! The 24MP selfie camera is big news in itself, but we’re here to talk triple rear lenses…

Offering an unprecedented 5X hybrid zoom and a whopping 40MP RGB lens, alongside another 20MP monochrome lens and an 8MP telephoto lens, the Lecia camera tech in the P20 Pro sure sounds impressive. And you can order yours today from Vodafone UK.

But what do these upgrades mean for the average Jo Photo-taker? It’s time to zoom in and find out…

How the lenses work together

Each lens in Huawei’s triple-lens setup has a part to play in creating stunning photos. Let’s start with the 40MP RGB lens, the primary lens and heaviest hitter.

If the Huawei P20 Pro only had one rear camera, this would be it. It’s your typical smartphone camera that captures colour information, it’s just much higher in resolution than we’ve ever seen before.

We know what you’re thinking: more pixels do not necessarily a better camera make. And that’s true, it’s what you do with them – the P20 Pro has done well. By combining the pixels in 2×2 groups using Pixel Fusion, its 40MP camera creates a larger pixel area. This, and the larger sensor (roughly twice the size of other smartphones) enables it to receive 4x more light than other cameras for even better photos in lowlight conditions.

The Huawei P20 Pro combines pixels in groups of 2×2 which, in combination with its larger sensor, makes for amazing lowlight images.

The 40MP camera’s also instrumental in the impressive 5X hybrid zoom. It works in combination with the third 8MP telephoto lens to provide amazing detail, using something called ‘sensor cropping’ to hone in on the action.

Nestled next to the main shooter, you’ll find the 20MP monochrome lens. This guy captures black and white information, so you can take incredible monochrome photos without converting from colour. It also acts as a support for the other cameras, capturing finer details and feeding image data – such as how far images are from the lens – back to the processor. This assists with creating the blur or bokeh effect you get in portrait photos.

Finally, there’s the 8MP telephoto lens. Its telephoto glass offers a narrower field of view, which is much more flattering for portraits. It’s also here that the optical zoom gets its extra oomph.

The outcome of these three working together is closer, sharper and more interesting than we’ve seen from the majority of smartphones to date. But that’s not the end of Huawei and Lecia’s camera magic. Remember this is ‘A RenAIssance’ after all…

Powered by AI

In addition to impressive camera tech, Huawei’s also gone big with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Scene recognition across all phones in the P20 range enable cameras to automatically detect more than 500 scenarios in 19 categories – including food, portrait and even cats!

It steadies handheld night shots for incredible long exposure images without a tripod. And 4D predictive focus enables it to predict when an object will move and focus with extreme efficiency to capture every detail of your subject in motion.

Add to that AI-Assisted Composition, which offers intelligent suggestions for framing group shots and landscapes, and powerful image stabilisation technology, and you’ll have a hard time convincing your Instagram followers you haven’t nicked your latest shots. You may just have to tag them with #P20 to be sure.

Life in slow motion

Did you think we were done? Oh no, my friend, not just yet – we haven’t even really touched on its Super Slo-Mo feature.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S9, the P20 Pro is also capable of slow motion video recording at 960fps with a maximum resolution of 720p. However, the automatic motion detection and those cameras ensure high quality clips even when shooting indoors.

There’s just so much to love about this brand new camera tech, but the best way to discover it is to get hands on. You can get the P20, P20 Pro and P20 Lite from Vodafone UK right now! Prepare to be blown away by the quality and features of this impressive range.

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