Using apps or playing games on your mobile need not be a solo activity. Grab your nearest and dearest, there's a whole heap of fun to be had…

If you’ve got a young family, you’ll know that your phone is never just your phone. If those little voices aren’t asking to play with it, their little fingers are certainly trying to grab it, prod it, shake it, and ultimately drop it…

But while all of that’s an absolute certainty, there are lots of opportunities for the whole family to sit and enjoy the time together. Let’s check them out…

MSQRD | iOS, Android, FREE

Speaking from experience, kids love just about any app that lets them swap their face and watch themselves being as silly as they like. Enter MSQRD.

Owned by Facebook, MSQRD takes a look at your face, cleverly superimposes one of the many faces available – such as a tiger, monkey, your friend, and more – and allows you to take a snapshot or a video of the results.

It’s perfect for kids as it can be used without the need to sign into a social network, which is ideal if your kids are still young. Of course, if you do want to share via social networks, there are options for that as well.


Remember that little Morph fella made out of plasticine? Or Dexter’s Laboratory? How about something more current like, Hey Duggee, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, or Adventure Time?

NOW TV has all of those and many more current and classics that you and your kids can spend hours enjoying in bed, on the couch, or in the back of the car on long journeys.

Find out how you can enjoy up to 24 months’ worth of the latest and best TV, and over 300 Box Sets included in your contract when you purchase a Vodafone Red Entertainment Plan.

Heads Up! | iOS, Android, FREE

Gone are the days of sticky foreheads and illegible handwriting, as Heads Up! modernises an old family classic.

The screen on your phone displays a word, and you have to guess it based on the clues given by your family. Not that hard, you may think. But it’s always harder when you’re up against the clock.

Space | iOS, £2.99

From The Sun, it’s Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn… and then is it Uranus or Neptune? I always forget; they’re both blue. But it’s now no longer an issue, as the Space app is here to help.

Not only is it great for remembering which planet goes where, but you can also study the surface of each planet, compare how big they are side by side, test each planet’s gravity by hurling asteroids at it and much more. There’s something for everyone, here.

Minecraft | iOS, Android, £6.99

In the blocky world of Minecraft, you’ve got to chop wood, dig dirt, mine coal, and build a shelter. And that’s just on day one, before the sun sets and nasties come out to eat you! After that, you’re gonna need a whole load more dirt, wood and coal if you want to have a meaningful existence…

You can play alone, if you wish, but it’s much more fun as a group. Safety in numbers, and all that. While you can’t play multiplayer on the same device, if you’ve got more than one device in the house (which is quite likely), you can all play on your individual devices within the same world. Doing so allows you to create a virtual haven, while hunting creepers and contemplating if you should ever enter The Nether – if you can mine enough obsidian, that is.

My Talking Pet | iOS, Android, £2.99

If only your pet could talk, what do you think it would say? Well, while that will never actually happen – trust us – you can have some fun pretending.

Choose a photo from your gallery, or take a photo of your pet within the app, and say something into the microphone. The app will realistically move the eyes, the mouth, and the head to make it look and sound as if your beloved pet was saying something.

“I didn’t break that vase, it was Tommy. I saw him!” said Rex.

OurHome – Chores, rewards, groceries and calendar | iOS, Android,  FREE

One thing that makes a family unit work better together is sharing some of the responsibilities. Namely, doing the chores. It’s a necessity.

This app motivates your kids into doing their chores – cleaning up their bedroom, finishing homework, emptying the rabbit hutch, etc. – by rewarding them with points. Kids love points. The more they get the better.

This points-based system has them working towards a goal that you set (cinema, ice cream?) where they get a reward once enough points are collected.

Oh, and this app has a handy schedule feature, too. Perhaps once all those chores are done, you can dive back into the games above.

While a little screen time now and then is absolutely fine for your young ones, they shouldn’t be on there all day. It turns their eyes square*, or at least that’s what we were told when we were kids. Thankfully, the Vodafone Broadband app lets you control who can access the internet, and for how long, when you make use of the “Family Wi-Fi” feature as well as enabling you to keep an eye on your sync speed, as part of our new Ultimate Broadband Speed Guarantee.

*Eyes will not change to square shapes.

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