Live your best digital life with one-to-one advice, tutorials and solutions from our in-store tech experts at Vodafone UK…

Ever wish you could do more with your digital devices? Maybe your technology’s not working as it should, or you’re curious about a feature that you just can’t seem to conquer. It’s time to get smarter about your smartphone set-up, social media and more with personalised, in-person advice from the Vodafone UK Tech Team…

Vodafone UK Tech Team members are specifically trained to help you enrich your life through technology – even if you’re not on our network. Each one-on-one session is 35-minutes-long and costs just £15.

But how can you take advantage of our Tech Team’s expertise? It’s as easy as booking a time slot…

How can the Tech Team help?

The Vodafone UK Tech Team resolve 90 per cent of issues you’re having with your software in-store within an hour – whether you’re with us or on another network.

They’re specially trained to help with all manner of tech issues. But it’s not just about repairing broken devices, they can help you do more too…

Tech Team experts can walk you through everything from making a video call, to our full device ‘on-boarding’, which includes transferring all of your content, including social media accounts and email, to finding the best apps perfect for you. They can even help you learn more about staying safe online and offer ‘My First Phone’ tutorials for both you and your kids, with clear and useful tips.

No question is too big or too trivial for our Tech Team, and sessions are tailored to your level of expertise. We’re here to help you maximise your mobile life in the way that suits you best.

How long is a session?

Each session with a Tech Team expert is 35 minutes long, but you can opt to extend your session if you need a bit more time.

How much does it cost?

A 35-minute session with a Tech Team member will cost you £15. Should you wish to extend your time, you can do so for £8. This will give you another 25 minutes with our expert to ensure you’re up to speed.

Charging for this time enables our Tech Team members to give you their full attention, and tailor advice and solutions to suit your individual needs. It’s designed to complement rather than replace traditional in-store service.

That means, you won’t be charged for anything that we’d regularly provide for free such as helping you transfer your basic content, like contacts and photos to a new device, checking the health of your device, swapping your SIM over, and fixing any device failures (if it’s under warranty).

And, if our Tech Team can’t fix the issue, you won’t be charged at all.

How do I book?

Ready to schedule your Tech Team session and sharpen up your mobile skills? You can book online, in-store or by calling our customer support team.

It’s as easy as selecting your store, checking available dates and booking the time that suits you best.

Need help now?

As well as in-store sessions, we also offer a range of video tutorials, answers to FAQs and ParentZone-accredited Family Tutorials.

If you’re stuck, chances are somebody else was to. Visit the Tech Team section of our website to find out even more.

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