Spring is in the air and it’s breathing new life into mobile games. Find out what’s about to hit the app store. It’s time to level up…

App developers have been working hard all winter to bring you the best in mobile entertainment. We’ve rifled through the release schedule to bring you our pick of the bunch…

From the nostalgia of The Sims and Mario Kart, to MMORPG Royal Blood, there’s a game for every player. Discover the hottest games of 2018 coming soon to a smartphone near you…

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | iOS, Android and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery | iOS, Android

Wands at the ready! Two brand new Harry Potter games are winging their way to mobiles around the globe.

Developed by the makers of Pokemon GO, Niantic, in partnership with Warner Bros, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite promises to draw on the latest augmented reality tech to reveal the magic in our midst. While Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, by Jam City and newly created Portkey Games, gives you the opportunity to experience Hogwarts for yourself, from sorting hat to student life.

Release dates for both are yet to be set, but we can hardly contain our excitement. Stay tuned to our monthly app wrap-ups for all the latest news.

Tekken Mobile | iOS, Android, FREE

Round one. Fight! If you’ve ever picked up a controller, chances are you’ve dabbled in a bit of Tekken. Bandai Namco’s popular fighting franchise has been around since 1994, and it’s now available on mobile – so you can become a Dojo Master from the comfort of the train. It includes all your favourite fighters, from Law to Jin and Panda, as well as a few newbies. But before you can play as the big boys you’ll need to earn your chops with lesser fighters, or part with cash inside the app to unlock them.

The Sims Mobile | iOS, Android, FREE

From one classic to another, The Sims life simulation is the game that never dies. Now reinvigorated for mobile, it’s based on the Legacy Challenge system of The Sims 4 and will be free to play. But of course, there are plenty of bits and pieces you can buy along the way.

From their hairstyles to their homes, love lives, and even babies – you’re in complete control, so use your power wisely. You can even become virtual best friends with your real-world best friends for a shared in-game experience.

The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup | coming soon to iOS, Android, TBC

From the creator of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup is a steam-punk styled puzzler. Guided by a less-than-reliable narrator, players need to figure out each stage to allow Rusty Pup to reach the exit – collecting items as they go, turning lights on and off, and encountering different characters along the way. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain the ability to add paths and doors.

It’s been a long time in development, but creators Gory Detail expect to launch on mobile soon.

Life is Strange | coming soon to iOS, Android, £2.99 per episode

Driven by its narrative, Life is Strange is beautifully written and full of twists. Over five episodes, it follows the story of teenage photographer, Max Caufield, who moves back to her hometown and discovers the ability to rewind time while saving her best friend, Chloe Price.

The pair soon find themselves investigating the disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber, and your decisions shape the story. But beware – every choice you make has consequences, and they’re not always as expected.

The X Files: Deep State | iOS, Android, FREE

Launching to coincide with the 11 season of popular TV series, The X Files: Deep State is a mystery investigation game for Duchovny fans that sees players assume the role of FBI Special Agent to investigate mysterious crime scenes. As you move through the game you’ll be prompted to uncover hidden clues, collect evidence, solve puzzles, and interrogate witnesses and suspects to solve the case.

My Tamigotchi Forever | coming soon to iOS, Android, TBC

Remember when Tamigotchi’s first came out? That was 20 years ago, and they’re no longer pixelated blobs. Bandai Namco’s My Tamigotchi Forever brings Tamigotchi to your mobile. And while you still have to feed, clean up after and play with your digital pets, they now look a lot like Animal Crossing villagers. They’re even able to interact with other characters within their digital world.

Discover even more mobile entertainment… in our our monthly app wrap-up for March.

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