Martin Freeman is back! And this time, he’s suffering from not having Vodafone Home Broadband and our all new Home Broadband Guarantee…

Heard about our brand new Home Broadband Guarantee yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. It’s our promise to you that if you don’t experience the minimum broadband ‘sync speed’ you should be getting with Vodafone Home Broadband, you can easily claim a 15% discount off your bill until it’s fixed!

And who better to discover the brilliance of our new guarantee than Martin Freeman himself. This time around, Martin is feeling the woes of unreliable home broadband as he navigates his way through some vital astronaut training…

Looks like Martin needs to switch his broadband over to Vodafone Home Broadband sharpish!

Uh oh. It seems like everyone in the household is upset at Martin’s poor broadband speeds.

A little something extra

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