We’re back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this March…

A brand new season calls for some brand new apps. From gamifying your goals to training your puppy and even finding a quiet café, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch to see you through March. Read on for this month’s coveted downloads…

*UPDATED* Vodafone Broadband | iOS, Android, FREE

The Vodafone Broadband app lets you easily manage your router, find out your sync speed, see FAQs and chat to a customer service advisor directly from your phone or tablet. And now it’s also an easy way to let us know if you’re experiencing low speeds.

We recently introduced the Vodafone Broadband Ultimate Speed Guarantee. This sets out the minimum broadband speed you can exepect to receive as a Vodafone Home Broadband customer and it’s based on your sync speed – read more about that here.

In the unlikely event that you experience sync speeds lower than what we guarantee, we want you to let us know. But there’s no need to pick up the phone or wait in line – unless you really, really want to. Simply head to the ‘Info & Support’ section of the app where a button will appear if you’re eligible to claim a 15% discount.

Alto’s Odyssey | iOS, £4.99

Brand new from the team behind the critically-acclaimed ‘infinite runner’ game Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey sees Alto transition from snowboard to sandboard, as he moves away from the snowy climes of Adventure and into an ever-changing desert. While Odyssey bears all the hallmarks of Adventure’s initial success – fluid physics-based movement, dynamic lighting and weather effects – it is a whole new game in its own right. Carefully created to capture the feeling of getting outside of your comfort zone, it’ll have you soaring above windswept dunes, traversing thrilling canyons, and exploring long-hidden temple cities in no time as you build up speed, crush obstacles and clock up points.

Florence | iOS, £2.99

Want to experience all the highs and lows of a relationship without actually experiencing all the highs and lows of a relationship? This beautifully designed interactive comic follows the story of Florence Yeoh, a 25-year-old who lives a fairly mundane existence until she comes across cello player Krish. The pair are instantly drawn to one another. And you get to be part of the story through clever puzzles as their love blossoms, and then, eventually, drifts away.

Florence is no Hollywood love story, but it is an intimate and well-considered tale, steeped in the realities of a modern relationship. Play with headphones on to fully appreciate the charming soundtrack as you reflect on your own romantic experiences and help Florence on her path.

Lifes Game | Android, FREE

Gamify your life goals and achieve objectives faster. With this handy app you can outline exactly what you want to achieve, set a timeline, and identify the ‘todos’ required to get there. Its user-friendly layout enables you to view your progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Plus, as you tick off your ‘todos’ you earn silver, which can be cashed in for rewards you set earlier – such as a day off, your favourite treat food, or an episode of your favourite TV show. Lifes Game’s an ideal helper for those struggling with motivation. Whether it’s fitness, work or something else entirely, it’s time to start winning at life!

What Were Dinosaurs Like? | iOS, £2.99

It’s something every curious kid wants to know, and now you can explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs with a whole host of games, narrated texts and illustrations. As well as learning basic information about different dinosaur species, What Were Dinosaurs Like? allows players to discover dinosaur bones, build dinosaur skeletons and pretend to be a palaeontologist. It’s hours of fun for the whole family, and made for kids aged four and up.

Dogo | iOS, Android, FREE

Who’s a good dog? If it’s not yours, you might benefit from downloading Dogo. With an in-built clicker and fun daily lessons for you and your dog, Dogo helps your best friend learn the tricks and behaviour they need to stay calm and happy – as opposed to barking at the neighbours and chewing up your furniture. You can track their progress, and if it all proves a bit too much, you can even consult Dogo experts directly through the app.

iHEARu Here | iOS, Android, FREE

In need of a quiet, conversation-friendly café or bar? iHEARu Here can help. Featuring over 1,365 places, the app converts user-generated information into colour-coded bars – yellow for quiet, through to red for loud. In addition to submitting readings a reading from their smartphone mic, users can also add comments or provide ‘what my ears say’ readings to give a better picture. And with new venues added all the time, it’s sounding like a winner.

Google Pay | Android, FREE

Meet Google’s answer to Apple Pay. As the culmination of Android Pay and Google Wallet, Google Pay allows you to easily pay for goods and services using your phone – simply add your card details and you’re ready to go. A new home screen displays your recent purchases, you can add your loyalty cards, and it’s all encrypted and secured by Google to keep your cards and details safe. In the months to come, you’ll also be able to make and share payments with friends. If you’re already using Android Pay, you won’t need to do a thing. However, if you’re brand new to the service, download via the link above.

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