What do the experts think of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+? We've scoured the web's finest hands-on reviews to find out!

If you’ve been keeping up with your mobile news, you’ll know this coming week is a big one for flagship phones. But, just before MWC 2018 kicks off in Barcelona, Samsung’s sneakily unveiled the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ – two brand new, state of the art phones for 2018.

And we’re totally smitten. But what do the people who’ve used more phones than we’ve had hot dinners think? How do the web’s biggest tech reviewers feel about the S9 range? You need look no further to find out: here’s our roundup of the experts’ Galaxy S9 first impressions…

Galaxy S9 and S9+ first impressions

Trusted Reviews
“Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is a gorgeously constructed device with a camera that could seriously take mobile photography to the next level. It also fixes some of the biggest issues I had with the S8 – namely the fingerprint scanner’s position and the poor speaker. In reality, this should be the ultimate Android phone.

“The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the best phone of 2017, and I’m confident that the S9 will follow up as one of the most desirable and exciting phones of this year.”

“Samsung built stereo speakers into the S9’s front and bottom, which make it 1.4 times as loud as the S8, according to the company. The latest flagship certainly sounded noticeably louder than its predecessor during our demo, although we had too short a time with it to evaluate audio quality.”

“Samsung also tidied up the S9’s front by trimming the bezel and masking the array of cameras and sensors above the screen. You won’t really notice these differences until you look closely, but the effect is a slightly more minimalist design than before.”

“There aren’t really any dramatic changes or hero features on the Galaxy S9. But I think that probably won’t matter. The Galaxy S8 was leagues ahead of much of the Android competition and a better phone than the iPhone 8. It was also priced far more competitively than many of its rivals, particularly in the UK where Samsung phones are still very popular. Samsung doesn’t need to change everything this time around. Why re-write the rulebook when you are already winning?”

The Verge
“The big, highlight new feature is the S9’s new camera system, which comes as a single lens on the S9 and a dual camera on the S9 Plus. The new camera is Samsung’s first with a mechanically adjustable aperture (not counting the China-only flip phone launched late last year), which can switch between a very bright f/1.5 to a smaller f/2.4 depending on exposure conditions.

“The bright aperture lets in 28 percent more light than the S8’s f/1.7 lens, and the f/2.4 aperture is said to help prevent overexposure in bright scenes, such as a sunny outdoor day.”

“The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a top-notch flagship, and has the potential to be the best phone in the world.”

“Viewed in snapshot, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is simply a refined version of last year’s S8, with an almost identical hardware suite packed into that lush slab of metal and glass. However, look closer and you see that it not only delivers a standout, party-piece camera system, but also a selection of innovative features and software that point towards a maturing of Samsung’s approach to delivering a flagship Android experience.”

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