Looking to keep Valentine's Day inexpensive this year? we don't blame you. Here's our pick of the best romantic movies available online...

Valentine’s Day. It can be an expensive night if you fall for the wrong tourist traps. But why go out when you can stay in with a romantic movie instead? With a Vodafone Video Pass for just £7 per month*, you can stream movies and TV shows from a wealth of online services without worrying about burning through your data, which means you can binge the big night away!

To help you get going, we’ve had a good look through the UK’s biggest and best streaming services to weedle out the classic romantic movies worth your time. Here’s what to stream for a perfect Valentine’s night in…


The Notebook

The film that turned Ryan Gosling into a big-screen heartthrob, The Notebook is a famous favourite for hopeless romantics. Stick it on, leave your scepticism at the door, and get swept up in its classic love story tropes.

Notting Hill

One of Richard Curtis’ finest, Notting Hill pits the foppish charm of Hugh Grant against the city-slicker sophistication of Julia Roberts, with predictable (yet iconic) ‘will-they-won’t-they’ results. Hint: they will.


It wouldn’t be a list of romantic movies without one of cinema’s biggest ever success stories. Some seriously grand spectacle, an epic love story and the world’s most talked about floating door… They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

La La Land

If you’re hankering for a slightly more contemporary look at love, La La Land’s hypnotic mix of cynicism and old-timey romance should do the trick. The award-winning songs don’t hurt, either.

Amazon Prime Video

The Holiday

The Holiday is the dictionary definition of a guilty pleasure: silly enough to be largely forgettable, but sweet and saccharin enough to totally make up for it. Which is a bit like Valentine’s Day itself, really.

Pride and Prejudice

If you’re in the market for something a bit classier, this 2005 retelling of Jane Austen’s timeless tale – of love bridging class divides – is the movies for you. Keira Knightley leads an all-star cast.

Something’s Gotta Give

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton have great chemistry in this sideways look at finding love later in life. It’s sweet, funny stuff, with a great script that lets both leads bring charm by the spadesful.


It’s not exactly known for ‘happily ever after’ schmaltz, but Casablanca is an all-time great in the romantic genre – so if you’ve never seen it, why not rectify that this Valentine’s Day? It could be the beginning of a beautiful cinematic friendship.

NOW TV Movie Pass

You’ll know by now that if you sign up to one of our Vodafone Red Entertainment plans, you’ll get a NOW TV Entertainment Pass included at no extra cost**. While that’s great for enjoying some of the best TV shows out there, you’ll need a NOW TV Movie Pass if you want to catch all these romantic gems…

Romeo and Juliet

There’s a whole generation to whom Leonardo Dicaprio is the archetypal dream man, and for most, that started here: Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 adaptation of Shakespeare’s best-known play. And you know what? It still holds up as a stylish, artfully made movie.

Bridget Jones’ Baby

It was a long time coming, but 2016’s third instalment of the Bridget Jones’ series landed with all the lols and lovey-dovey bits it needed to keep both fans and newcomers happy. And, thankfully, Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth pick up their old rolls as if 2001 were only yesterday.

Jerry Maguire

Want more Zellweger in your life? Jerry Maguire is a fine romance film masquerading as a comedy sports drama, and boasts one of Tom Cruise’s best performances as the titular sports promoter struggling to go it alone.

Moulin Rouge

Baz Luhrmann’s second directorial entry in this list is a must-watch for romantics with a penchant for extravagant musical numbers. Tripe-threats Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor act, sing, dance, and fall in love in fine style, all set to a truly stonking soundtrack.

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