We’re back with our pick of the best new and updated apps for you to download this February…

It’s time to freshen up your smartphone’s home screen with the latest and greatest apps of 2018 – February edition.

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, reduce the presence of chemicals on your skin or just find a bit of empathy as your phone battery dies, we’ve got it all in February’s wrap-up of must-have downloads…

Notecation | iOS, £0.99

Reminders are great… When you remember to look at them. Luckily, location-based Notecation now makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your tasks, with the ability to pin notes to destinations and receive alerts when you’re in the area. It’s ideal for shopping lists, but also for tagging restaurants and activities. Plus, you can save photos as well as text, and share your pins with family and friends.

SkinNinja | iOS, Android, FREE

Ever wondered what’s really in all those face creams and skin lotions? With SkinNinja you can simply scan a product’s barcode for a full rundown of its contents. Using a traffic light system, the app analyses ingredients and provides a ‘clear’, ‘suspected’ or ‘nasty’ rating. You can then learn more about any chemicals that may be lurking before you slather them on your face, and discover alternative options that might be better for your skin.

Playground AR | iOS, £1.99

Augmented reality (AR) apps are emerging in full force following the release of iOS 11, and Playground AR provides a virtual sandbox to take you back to childhood. Build a tower of AR blocks on your coffee table, create your own machines or play with the included remote control helicopter and truck. Then blow the whole thing up and start again. It’s all the fun without the clean-up – and perfectly acceptable for grown-ups.

Insight Heart | iOS, £1.99

Slightly gorier but just as engaging, Insight Heart uses ARKit to let users explore the human heart like never before. Once you’ve scanned your physical surroundings and placed the digital human heart in front of you, you can rotate, scale and inspect its features, all guided by the app’s virtual assistant – as you walk towards the heart, it beats more loudly. You can even feel it pulsate in the palm of your hand thanks to haptic feedback, while it also integrates with HealthKit to let you see how your heart performed during your last workout.

Time 2: Beat Procrastination | iOS, FREE

Shrug off distraction and fly through your work with anti-procrastination aid, Time 2. Great for those who work best under pressure, Time 2 allows you to create an entry for each of your tasks, alongside a description, date and duration. The timer then starts when you tap a task, accompanied by a box that turns from green to red as you near your deadline. Time 2 also sends you reminders to stay on track, adding that extra bit of motivation to stay away from Facebook.

Stack & Crack | iOS, £0.99

Made up of close to 100 hand-crafted levels, Stack & Crack is the best new minimalist puzzle game to see you through your daily commute. The aim of the game? Guide four boxes – known as ‘boxies’ – to the portal of light. The rub? Boxies can only be moved in certain ways and must be stacked in the right order to move to the next level. Not as easy as it looks.

Die with me | iOS, Android, £0.79

Forgot to charge your phone and swiftly running out of battery? We all know that feeling, but now you’re truly not alone. Die with Me is the existential chatroom app you can only enter when your battery drops below 5 percent. It’s a place where you can bond with others in the same anxiety-inducing boat. As your fellow chatters’ batteries drain, the percentage displayed beside them drops until they disappear into the ether (or they find a charger and exit with new life). What will you say with your phone’s final moments?

*Updated* Amazon Alexa | Android, FREE

The Alexa app has been updated so you can now enjoy the full functionality of the voice assistant on your phone. Previously only useful for setting timers and manually controlling various Alexa-enabled devices, the app now allows you to issue voice commands to your phone as you would with Echo. The only downside? At the moment there is no ‘wake word’, so voice control will only function when the app is open. And, while it’s not yet in full force on iOS, we understand it’s coming soon.

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